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How to create a custom engagement ring

How to create a custom engagement ring

When you are planning to get down on one knee, a custom engagement ring is a sure-fire way to ensure she says 'yes.' There is no better way to show your soon-to-be fiancee how much you care than with a stunning diamond cut that is truly one of a kind. Follow this simple guide to find the perfect ring for your bride-to-be:


Is your gal a modern beauty, an antique lover or a classic lady? If you know your sweetie's style – and you probably do – you will be able to design a stunning ring to put on her finger. Girls who love everything modern may prefer a solitaire princess cut, while those who are attracted to vintage esthetic may swoon over a square stone with pave sidestones instead.


Have you ever considered the shape and size of your bride-to-be's hand when creating a custom engagement ring? The wonderful thing about designing your own ring is that you can make sure that it goes perfectly on her hand. For example, if she has wide or short fingers, you should opt for a medium-sized ring with a large stone. A marquise or emerald shape will look best on a longer, slender finger.


Many brides opt for the white gold band, but others prefer something that stands out from the crowd. Consider a rose gold band, which is perfect for a vintage-style engagement ring. Rose gold is elegant and unique, while white gold is absolutely stunning and can please just about anyone. Yellow gold is another option, which looks beautiful with a solitaire diamond.

You might also consider a colored stone if your bride-to-be likes to stick out from the rest of the crowd. Emerald and ruby are great options for a one-of-a-kind ring.

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