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Buying Guide: Diamond Carat Weight vs. Finger Size (Reference Pics)

Buying Guide: Diamond Carat Weight vs. Finger Size (Reference Pics)

If you’re like most people, you might be wondering what a one carat diamond is going to look like on your hand. Or you might be curious to see how a larger or smaller carat weight diamond will look on your ring finger size.

Of course, there is more to imagining how spectacular a Black by Brian Gavin diamond is going to look on your hand than meets the eye. That’s because your finger size may be affected by the size of your knuckles and the shape of your fingers.

One thing is for certain, a Brian Gavin Signature diamond is going to look spectacular sparkling from your ring finger, regardless of your finger size. The sizzling sparkle factor created by the higher degree of optical precision our diamonds exhibit, make certain that people will be mesmerized by your diamond engagement ring.

0.90 carat, Black by Brian Gavin diamond on Size 5.5 finger:

This beautiful hand shot (also featured in the image on top) of a 0.90 carat, G-color, VVS-2 clarity, Black by Brian Gavin diamond on a size 5.5 finger was sent to us by one of our many very satisfied clients.

Roughly speaking, the outside diameter of a 0.90 carat, round brilliant ideal cut diamond is going to measure approximately 6.25 millimeters.

That’s going to be just a little smaller than the average diameter of the pink eraser on a standard #2 yellow pencil which measures 6.50 mm. Which just happens to be the average outside diameter of a one carat round ideal cut diamond. How’s that for a great visual reference?

What does a 1 carat diamond look like on a size 4 finger?

While I’m certain that knowing that a pencil eraser has about the same diameter as a one carat round ideal cut diamond is very helpful, I imagine that seeing a one carat diamond on your finger will be more of a thrill.

With that in mind, I won’t be showing you any pictures of pencil erasers. Because actual photographs of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds seem much more exciting! Like this photograph sent to us by a client who is rocking a 1 carat round Brian Gavin Signature diamond on her size 4 finger.

Like the setting? Check out the Sasha tapered baguette 3-stone setting by Sholdt.

How will a 1 carat diamond look on size 7 finger?

Here’s another fantastic candid shot of a beautiful couple that shows how great a one carat Brian Gavin Signature diamond looks on her size 7 finger.

As you can see, a one carat diamond looks equally impressive on a size 4 or size 7 ring finger. And that’s an idea that we want to impress upon you because the whole diamond carat weight to finger size mathematical ratio of balance idea is one that we don’t think you really need to worry about.

That’s because in our experience, it’s not the size of the diamond that matters, it’s the sparkle factor which is created by the higher degree of optical precision. Most people aren’t going to be able to guess the size of your diamond from across the dinner table, but the sparkle factor and light performance of your Brian Gavin Signature diamond will show up from across the room.

0.514 half carat diamond on size 4.75 finger:

This photograph of a 0.514 carat, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond on a size 4.75 finger proves our point that size doesn’t matter. From our perspective, this half carat diamond looks just as impressive on a size 4.75 finger as the one carat diamond pictured above.

Which just goes to prove that the size of your diamond is not as important as the sparkle in your life that it creates. The engagement ring that wraps around your finger represents an endless cycle of undying love and possibility.

And as you can plainly see, it’s not the carat weight of these diamonds that makes them beautiful, but rather it is the proud way that you wear your engagement ring on your finger.

What size Brian Gavin Signature diamond looks best on your finger size?

While we hope that this article helps you determine what size diamond looks best on your finger size, we also want to stress the idea that carat weight is nothing more than a number. Because we think that Brian Gavin Signature diamonds of all carat weights look amazing on the hands of our clients.

With that in mind, we’d like to challenge you to guess the carat weight of this Brian Gavin Signature diamond and the finger size. You might as well try to guess the diamond color while you’re at it.

All right, we’ll give you a hint. It’s a 4.25 carat round, L-color, Brian Gavin Signature diamond. Is that close to the carat weight you had in mind? And did you think that an L-color diamond could face-up so white and bright? I’ll let you in on a little secret… It’s all in the cut quality, or “all in the hearts” as Brian Gavin is so fond of saying.

But what about the finger size? Leave your best guess in the comments section below. And while you’re at it, tell us what carat weight diamond you think looks best on your size finger.

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