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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Buyer's guide: Three stone engagement rings

Buyer's guide: Three stone engagement rings

An engagement ring is likely to be one of a woman's most valued pieces of jewelry. Whether a man is creating a custom engagement ring or choosing from a selection of pre-set rings, it needs to reflect his personality as well as hers. This ring will be a symbol of your everlasting love, so making the right choice is key. Now that you've decided it's the right time to propose, you need that perfect ring to show her your love.

Three stone ring design

A classic, yet stunning, option is the three stone engagement ring. The three ring setting is most appropriate for a triplet of diamonds. It's often called a trinity setting symbolizing the marriage of mind, body and spirit.

Not only is a three stone ring visually beautiful, but so is the meaning behind its this type of engagement ring can really add to the sentiment of the moment both during the proposal and the wedding. It can also symbolize a couple's journey, signifying the pasts that led you to each other, your present together, and your future and all it holds, including your lifetime commitment to each other.

Stone options

While three stone settings are typically diamonds, it doesn't mean you can't incorporate other stone options. You might instead opt for your girlfriend's birthstone or something in her favorite color as the larger, middle stone. There are no set rules, so you have the freedom to be as traditional or unique as you wish. Colorful gemstones can also be easier on the budget so if you're working under money constraints. Using stones other than diamonds could be a beautiful, budget-friendly option.

Stone shape options

The shape of the stone is up to you. Consider the woman you are proposing to and think of what shape best suits her. It can also depend on your personal taste and budget. A traditional approach is a round diamond center stone, like a hearts and arrows diamond, flanked by oval, marquise or pear diamonds on either side. Another option is a more square approach with a larger princess or asscher diamond in the center with smaller radiant or emerald diamonds on each side. If you're soon-to-be fiancee is not traditional, have fun coming up with a unique setting. There are no right or wrong options as long as the three diamonds reflect your own tastes.

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