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Brian Gavin's Hearts and Arrows


The ring is so beautiful that I can't stop staring at it! I had to hold my breath because of how delicate and pretty it looked.

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Brian Gavin's Signature Hearts and Arrows

Almost every woman recognizes the statement of love made with a diamond. Where words end, the beauty and brilliance of a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond will only have begun to express the depth of your feelings. It is a perfect symbol of your unfailing love and a tribute to the strength of your commitment, containing all the fire and passion your heart holds. Make a bold statement. Choose a Brian Gavin Signature cut diamond.

“Really, you don't even need to ask about quality or performance with Brian Gavin. All of his signature cut diamonds are stunning.” Marilyn H.

Optimum Performance

When selecting a diamond, you have many choices and options. Beyond the basic “4 Cs” (carat, color, clarity, cut/shape) used to measure a diamond’s quality, there is another level of excellence and perfection that involves the symmetry and reflective quality of a diamond’s cut - another “C” that affects and potentially enhances all the others.  The cut determines how well a diamond “performs,” how well it reflects light under a variety of lighting conditions and situations. Practically any stone will look impressive under the bright spotlights of a jewelry store, but a rare few have the unique combination of precise cut, shape, and angles to hold their brilliance in more natural lighting situations. 

This is what distinguishes Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds – diamonds that embody the perfect marriage of brilliance, fire and dazzling scintillation, unrivaled by ordinary diamonds. Where words end, your Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond will carry on, adding new, unending expressions of your love. 

World Renowned for Quality and Trust

 Brian Gavin is a fifth generation diamond cutter and creator of his internationally renowned Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond. Being a recognized authority and consultant on diamond cutting and jewelry design, you are assured of both superior quality and service backed by the knowledge and expertise of five generations of expert diamond cutters. Heritage, history, trust, world-renowned expertise - and the most beautiful diamonds available in the world - that’s the mark of a Brian Gavin Signature diamond.

Enhancing the Ideal Cut – the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond

The ideal cut diamond is cut to “ideal” mathematical proportions in which every facet is placed at exact angles to create an ideal balance between optimum brilliance (return of light to the eye) and the scattering of light, or "fire" (this is the prism effect that separates white light into its spectral colors).  To achieve this optimum reflection and refraction of light, the cutter must be willing to sacrifice valuable carat weight to yield a smaller diamond though with superior beauty.

The hearts and arrows cut was developed in the 1980s by Japanese cutters who produced diamonds cut so exactly that the facet reflections created overlapping, kaleidoscopic patterns when seen through reflecting viewers. These diamonds created a visual pattern of eight “hearts” visible through the pavilion (the bottom, or pointed section of the diamond) and eight “arrows” when the stone was viewed in the table-up position.  This visual phenomenon was nicknamed the “Cupid effect,” and these diamonds became known in the trade as “hearts and arrows.”

Beginning in 1997, Brian and his father, Benjamin Gavin, researched and refined the 90s version of the hearts and arrows design. Their combined knowledge in the fields of cut and light performance, based on five generations of experience, helped them achieve a noted improvement on the standard hearts and arrows design of the day, enhancing the “performance” quality of the diamond, and improving its light reflective performance under all lighting conditions.

These enhancements,   introduced in 1998, set a new quality benchmark and created a new   grading system for the worldwide standard hearts and arrows pattern cut   and earned Gavin the reputation worldwide as “The Cutter.” Gavin’s ideal  Signature cut is recognized today as the standard that other companies   emulate.

In March 2009, Gavin launched his new Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamonds. These stones are cut to even more exacting standards for quality and brilliance. Every Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond has earned the coveted AGS 0 grade for Light Performance and is accompanied by the new AGS Platinum Diamond Quality Document introduced in January 2009.

Barend Deutz - Master Diamond Cutter

Cut Beyond Brilliant® - The Distinct Difference

These signature-cut diamonds are optically balanced for maximum visual performance. This signature quality reveals the beauty and personality of each individual diamond. It gives voice to the inner essence of the diamond through its contrast, brightness and scintillation.  This is the distinct difference you’ll appreciate in each Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond. Cut Beyond Brilliant®.

“Each Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond communicates its own special   meaning and emotion.  No other stone can speak as clearly your heart’s   message of love.” Brian Gavin

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At Brian Gavin Diamonds you will find an assortment of special hearts and arrows cut diamond hearts and arrows diamond engagement rings, hearts and arrows diamond bands, hearts and arrows diamond studs, and hearts and arrows diamond earrings.

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