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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds

Top 10 Creative Marriage Proposals

When the time has come to pop the question, two things should be of the utmost concern: Finding that perfect engagement ring and delivering your proposal in a manner that is romantic and uniquely fit for the two of you and your special relationship. To ensure that you have the first item on that list down, make sure to get your ring from someone who understands how special this moment is to you, and has the talent and experience to deliver the ring that will demonstrate exactly how you feel. Brian Gavin Diamonds can handle that for you quite nicely.

As far as part #2, here are ten ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

1. Theme Park Thrills - You can approach the ultimate thrill of a wedding proposal within the thrills of a theme park in a couple of ways: Popping the question as your car works its way up the steepest incline of your favorite roller coaster (hold on tightly to the ring) or in the shadow of one of your favorite icons, such as Cinderella Castle at Disney World.

2. Hot Air Balloon - A great way to accentuate the thrill of pledging the rest of your life to the care and company of another, is to do it while hovering 1500 feet above the ground.

3. Home Repair - Create a job for yourself around the house. While puttering away, call to her for some help. Make sure your hands are occupied while asking her to get your pliers out of the bottom tray of your toolbox. When she uncovers the bottom tray, there, of course, is your beautiful diamond engagement ring.

4. Outdoors - Whatever your favorite outdoor activity may be - hiking, running, biking, etc. - pick a place that is picturesque and pause there for a break... And a proposal.

5. Say Anything - If you haven't seen the movie, "Say Anything", watch it. Find yourself a boom box, then stand outside of her bedroom window and blare a song that is special to the two of you while holding the boom box over your head, ala, John Cusack. When she comes out to inquire as to when exactly you lost your mind, put down the boom box, get down on one knee and produce the engagement ring.

6. Cruise Ship - The high seas are a wonderfully romantic setting for a marriage proposal. Whether or not to first stand together at the bow, proclaiming yourself as the king of the world is optional.

Engagement Proposal on a Cruise Ship

7. Dance To No Music - Out of nowhere, sweep her into your arms and begin dancing. She will, of course, believe you to be crazy, but explain to her that being with her is all the music you need in your life and ask her if she will continue to provide your life's soundtrack forever.

8. Children's Chorus - If you do a little research, it probably won't be too hard to find a local children's chorus. These groups are regularly in need of donations to travel to contests, shows, etc. Offer a donation in exchange for them to show up at her front door while the two of you are together. When she answers the door and the kids begin singing a song that is special to the two of you, produce the engagement ring.

9. Ice Ice Baby - Go to the kitchen to get some ice for your drink. Let out a loud "Ouch!" When she asks what happened, tell her you cut yourself on the ice. Open up your clenched hand to show her the wound, which is, of course, the ice in the form of her diamond engagement ring.

10. Charades - Organize a family and friends get-together for a game night. When it is your turn at charades, act out "Will you marry me?"

And of course, the topper for any of these romantic proposals is to make sure the engagement ring you have chosen is one that truly reflects the special connection the two of you share. Finding that perfect ring is easier than the setup to most of these proposals: Just go to

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