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Dan's Brian Gavin Novela Solitaire

Brian Gavin’s Canadian Customer Thrilled with his Novela Diamond Engagement Ring and Martini Earrings…

At the end of January Dan contacted us to set up an appointment to speak with Brian Gavin regarding his diamond engagement ring purchase.

I am currently interested in discussing the possibilities of purchasing an engagement ring from Brian Gavin. I have numerous questions that I hope can be answered including topics such as Brian Gavin Signature H & A vs. Blue, competitive similarities/differences, inquiries on specific diamonds, and custom ring design.

He spoke with Brian Gavin and then worked with Denise to finalize the details of the ring:

I must say that Brian really impressed during our conversation this evening and really made me feel at ease making this purchase.

He purchased a 1.21 carat Brian Gavin Signature "Blue" and a Novela Solitaire. While he was waiting for the ring to be completed he purchased a pair of 14K white gold classic martini earrings set with 0.42 ct Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds. We shipped the package and received this wonderful e-mail, pictures and the video from Dan:

Dear Denise and Brian,

I would like to personally thank both of you for assisting me with my special purchase at Brian Gavin Diamonds. The entire experience was outstanding and I am very grateful to have made the decision to purchase the engagement ring and earrings from you. When I opened boxes for the first time my eyes lit up at the sight of both the ring and earrings. You guys did an unbelievable job and special thanks go out to the skilled craftsmen who worked on my items.

Denise, you were a joy to work with throughout this whole process. From our first contact over the phone to final emails, you made my purchase personal and enjoyable. You did a great job and set an excellent example of how sales/customer service should be exhibited. Brian, it was an absolute pleasure talking with you prior to my purchase. You addressed all of my concerns and made it really easy for me to make my decision. I hope we may converse again in the future during my additional jewelry purchases. I would also like to thank Lesley, who very promptly addressed my time-sensitive requests while Denise was away from the office.

In addition to the beautiful glamour shots that were taken of the engagement ring and earrings, I took the time to take some photos myself. Take a look and tell me what you think. I'm also working on a nicely edited video, which I will send you the online link once complete. Thanks again for all your help and I hope to talk to you soon. Best Regards, Dan L.
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