“I purchased a one-carat Brian Gavin Signature round diamond about a year ago and had it set in Brian Gavin’s six prong tiffany style solitaire, which my girlfriend loves. But recently I’ve noticed that she seems enamored by a three stone diamond engagement ring that one of her girlfriend received, and I’m wondering whether she might like that ring style better. Can you add diamonds to a solitaire ring? And how would that look? Somehow I can’t picture the ring conversion in my mind. Suggestions?”

Adding diamonds to a solitaire ring:

There is not really a good way to add diamonds to a solitaire style ring in a way that is going to look right, in a way that is going to maintain the flow of the ring… and thus it would be a better idea to first find out whether your fiancé really wants to exchange her Tiffany solitaire style engagement ring for a three stone setting, or whether she is merely admiring her friends ring, or perhaps wondering about ways to add a bit more bling to her ring so-to-speak.

If she has her mind set on a three stone setting, Brian Gavin offers a wide variety of three stone rings and we can work out a metal credit for the existing setting to help offset the cost of a new setting.

Or we could custom design a wrap, which is a solitaire style wedding band that wraps around one side of the center stone in the engagement ring, and we could add a diamond on each side of the center stone using that design. Contact our custom jewelry division for a quote, we’ll need to know which matching Brian Gavin Signature diamonds you want to use as accent stones.

But I have a feeling that your fiancé is merely admiring her friends ring in the way that women do, and just because she admires her friends engagement ring does not necessarily mean that she wants to redesign her existing engagement ring, which is why it would be a good idea to discuss this project with her before embarking on it.

It’s possible that she might prefer a wedding band that is simpler and more traditional, like a diamond anniversary band or eternity ring. You might even suggest something like this five stone diamond anniversary ring by Brian Gavin, it would look fantastic set next to a solitaire style engagement ring, and provides even more flash than her friend’s three stone ring is likely to offer. Not that this is a competition or anything like that 😉

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