Most people know that Black by Brian Gavin and Brian Gavin Signature diamonds out sparkle the competition because they are cut to a higher standard.

The combination of proportions within “the sweet spot” designated for the AGS Ideal cut rating produces a higher volume of light return. While the higher degree of optical precision produces more virtual facets and sparkle factor which is more vivid and intense.

Which is why more and more people like you are choosing Brian Gavin as their diamond cutter of choice. After all, who doesn’t want a diamond that is brighter, and which offers more sparkle than the rest?

But you might not yet be aware that the Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds set in our settings as accent diamonds are cut to the same exacting standards as the larger diamonds produced under the watchful eye of Brian Gavin and his team.

Brian Gavin Signature Melee Diamonds are Brighter:

Signature Diamond Melee with Hearts and Arrows in White Gold Engagement Ring

Brian Gavin Signature Melee diamonds are brighter than the standard melee cut diamonds used by most jewelry designers. Which means that the accent diamonds in your Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring will rival the sparkle of your Black by Brian Gavin or Brian Gavin Signature diamond center stone.

The standard melee diamonds used by most jewelry designers pale in comparison. Imagine the moment when you feast your eyes (or she feasts her eyes) on your new Brian Gavin Signature diamond engagement ring.

Love is in the air, it’s swirling all around you… The lighting is just right (or maybe it’s not and that’s okay) because the Brian Gavin Signature diamond center stone and the BGD Signature melee accent diamonds are going to catch whatever amount of light is available and reflect back super-charged sparkle which will shimmer off her eyes.

It’s a beautiful thing. In fact, it’s a much more vivid experience than sitting there wondering why the accent diamonds in the ring are just sitting there and not sizzling and sparkling like the center stone.

That is assuming that the center stone is a Brian Gavin Signature diamond. Because if it’s not, well, then, it might just be sitting there looking as dull and lifeless as those accent diamonds used by those other guys.

Stop. Look. Pay Close Attention.

Because the difference in sparkle factor between Brian Gavin Signature melee cut diamonds and those used by other jewelry manufacturers is clearly evident. All you have to do is look at the difference in how our diamonds sparkle more than others.

Brian Gavin Signature melee cut diamonds sizzle, shimmer, and sparkle more than standard melee cut diamonds because they exhibit the same degree of precision as our larger hearts and arrows cut diamonds.

Yes. We know what you’re thinking. It’s absolutely incredible that Brian Gavin Signature melee exhibit hearts and arrows patterns just like our larger diamonds. Which means that the sparkle factor of our smaller melee cut diamonds set in your ring will be just as impressive as the larger center stone.

What is a Melee Cut Diamond?

Signature Diamond Melee with Hearts and Arrows in Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The truth is that there is no such thing as a “melee cut diamond” because the term melee refers to the size of the diamond and not the shape or facet structure. Any diamond weighing less than 0.20 carats (one fifth of a carat) is commonly referred to as melee which is pronounced “mell-eee” which is kind of like “smelly” but without the “S” at the beginning.

But you’ll find that people tend to use the terms “melee” and “melee cut diamond” interchangeably, which is why we’re using both terms in this article about Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds.

While we’re on the subject of defining the different terms used to describe diamonds, it’s probably a good idea to talk a little more about optical precision because “OP” is a little known (major) factor that dictates the degree of sparkle factor exhibited by your Brian Gavin Signature diamond.

How to Judge Optical Precision in Ideal Cut Diamonds:

Optical Precision (OP) is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment of the facets upon the surface of the diamond from the perspective of three hundred and sixty degrees. Which means that we’re evaluating the alignment of the facets as they relate from side to side across the diamond, but also from top to bottom and all the way around.

Diamond grading laboratories like the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) do NOT take optical precision into account as part of the overall cut grade reflected on their diamond grading reports. Which is why all ideal cut diamonds are not created equal.

The only way to judge optical precision is to evaluate the diamond using reflector scopes like ASET, Ideal Scope, and Hearts and Arrows Scopes. Brian Gavin provides the reflector scope images necessary for you to judge the optical precision of our diamonds on the diamond details pages. Feel free to ask us to help you evaluate the images if you have any questions.

How Does Diamond Cut Quality Affect Price?

Signature Diamond Melee with Hearts and Arrows in Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

From our perspective, it’s interesting to see how a lot of people don’t stop to consider the cut quality of the diamonds set in the average engagement ring. Especially, when you think about how much time you’ve spent learning about diamonds to ensure that you’re making the right choice by choosing a Brian Gavin Signature diamond center stone.

The fact of the matter is that diamond cut quality can affect the market price of a diamond by as much as sixty percent. That’s because it takes longer to cut and polish a diamond to sparkle more vivid and intense and exhibit a higher degree of light return. Which means that it takes longer to cut a melee diamond to the exacting standards of Brian Gavin. In fact, it can take up to 4X longer to cut a diamond to Brian’s specifications.

Cutting a diamond to ideal and super ideal specifications also requires a greater loss of diamond rough material. Which means that it takes longer to cut Brian Gavi Signature Melee diamonds, but it also means that a larger, less stunning diamond could have been cut from the same piece of material.

Think about that concept for a minute. Brian Gavin’s team of diamond cutters spends more time cutting each diamond and incurs a greater loss of rough material, which means that each little diamond costs a little bit more than a standard melee diamond of the same carat weight, color, and clarity.

But that also means that the extra time spent polishing each Brian Gavin Signature Melee diamond and the greater loss of rough, produces a diamond that exhibits a higher degree of sparkle factor and more light return. It’s one of those little mental puzzles where more or
less is clearly more, and in the end, it’s a difference worth paying for.

Because the slight difference in cost between the Brian Gavin Signature Melee diamonds used in Brian Gavin Signature engagement rings ensures that the accent diamonds set in your engagement ring will rival the sparkle factor of your larger Brian Gavin Signature diamond center stone.

And that’s a good thing, because nobody wants a diamond engagement ring that just sits there looking dull and lifeless on her finger. Oh no, we can’t have that… Not when you know the difference between how Brian Gavin Signature Melee cut diamonds sparkle in comparison to the, uh, “competition” (as if there is any now that you know even more about diamonds).

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