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Jay's Platinum Diamond and Garnet Necklace

The Volume of E-Mails From Customers Wanting to Work with Brian Gavin and His Team Continues to Rise…

We receive so many wonderful e-mails all day long and we thought our readers might enjoy a peek inside our inbox…
  • First of all, I am very excited to be writing this email to both of you! I have been a member on Pricescope for a long time and have admired your work ever since you were at Whiteflash. Your precision, attention to detail, and customer service is like none other than I have ever heard of or seen. I am definitely a perfectionist and appreciate people that work the way you both do! I can hardly wait to finally have a Brian Gavin ring to call my own!
  • My wife and I are wanting to create a custom platinum engagement ring. This ring is 5 years overdue and we've spent much time over the years considering how we wanted the ring to look and have gone back and forth on which designer to use. Having read the many accolades from your clients on Pricescope and seen photos of your work and admired it for years, we'd like to consider you for the project.
  • For almost a year I've been looking at the photos of the five stone rings that BGD has made for all the lovely posters on Pricescope. The one I'm particularly interested in is the one you did for poster KtIceRN mother – she dubbed the ring Sally.
  • Hi Brian & Lesley, I have been drooling over your photos for months now – such beautiful work – and now I finally have the opportunity to contact you. Hooray! I am looking for a wedding band to go with my engagement ring .
  • Hi, I've read many good things about you guys on Pricescope and wanted to know how often your inventory is updated. I'm still a few months out from proposing but wanted to get the ring shopping started early enough that I could find the perfect ring.
  • Hi Lesley and Brian, Found you via the great reviews on Pricescope and have been enjoying the pictures you've been posting. I'm currently looking for a diamond for an engagement ring and wanted to see what you had available.
  • Thanks for all your help Lesley. I have to say, Brian's reputation is what made me consider you, your service, assistance and information is what is keeping me here. I really value the efforts you are putting in. Thanks again.
  • I have been reading a great amount on pricescope and have seen the gorgeous pictures of your work and believe that I would like to have you work on this project if possible.
  • Dear Mr. Gavin, I would like to inquire about the possibility of having a diamond recut. I saw some of your recut projects on Pricescope and I'm a big fan of your work.
  • Hello, I have a few questions on your engagement rings and the process of how to best work with BGD. I've been looking on your site (& reading reviews at and have been impressed with the reputation, craftsmanship and aesthetics of the Novela.
  • Hi Lesley, Brian, I've been an avid reader of all posts regarding your work on Pricescope for the past year and have been very impressed with both the reviews and the pictures of your work.
  • Hi– I'm interested in buying a pair of diamond stud earrings and have been doing lots of research via the Pricescope website, where BGD is constantly recommended and raved about. So here I am, in your inbox!
  • Hi Lesley, Brian, I've been an avid reader of all posts regarding your work on Pricescope for the past year and have been very impressed with both the reviews and the pictures of your work.
  • Hi! I've been reading rave reviews about Brian Gavin diamonds since my fiancee and I joined pricescope in December when we were designing my engagement ring. Now that he's taking care of that, I'm thinking about another diamond project and wondered if I could get a price quote for a sort of customized Diamonds By the Yard Bracelet
  • Hello, First of all, I just want to say that I first got wind of Brian's work on Pricescope and just think that every piece is just a beautiful work of art!

And here are a few projects that were either resets or special orders and have not been featured on the blog yet:

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