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Talking diamonds with Brian Gavin is like talking with Itzhak Perlman about music…

Talking diamonds with Brian Gavin is like talking with Itzhak Perlman about music…

At the end of March we received an e-mail via my website inquiring about the possible purchase of a 3.61 E VS1 round brilliant diamond. The customer had been reading about diamond prices having dropped and wanted my opinion as to whether I thought that it was a good time to be making such a significant purchase as he had found me as a highly respected voice in various articles and forums. With the critical involvement of the customer, we sourced a beautiful 4 carat plus, colorless round brilliant ideal cut diamond at a very competitive price. He sent in his wife's existing full eternity band and we remade the band using the same stones and custom created a matching engagement ring using Brian Gavin Signature diamond melee. It was a great privilege for me to work on this very special project. The story of the creation of the rings can be seen in the picture gallery below.

Excerpts from the customer's posting on Pricescope put his experience in a nutshell:

…I married my beautiful wife 6 years ago but never gave her an engagement ring as we were saving for a house…. She did receive a gorgeous wedding band but it was handmade and several of the diamonds had become damaged through imprecise mounting. With the recent pullback in diamond prices, I was interested in seeing what remedies might be possible within our budget. The design brief was to maintain the look of her wedding band, make things right and add a little more firepower without being too flashy. The outcome is that Brian pulled it all together with matching eternity bands of ¼ carat rounds properly and precisely calibrated in place with heart-shaped prongs on the sides and the engagement band topped with an ideal cut 4 carat stone. The thrill of sliding these onto my wife's finger for the first time has only been exceeded by that of our first kiss.

The finished ring
So why Brian Gavin Diamonds?

We live in one of the world's largest cities and have obvious access to a wealth of local resources. They won our business for 3 reasons:


Before calling Brian, I did my own checking on and off of Pricescope. Large jobs or small, cuts or re-cuts, the accolades and thrills were similar. Talking diamonds with Brian is like talking with Itzhak Perlman about music – you can feel the passion, the reverence. Ever wonder what it's like to have direct access to one of the world's best? After working with these two I no longer do and that's a great feeling.


While my lovely wife gets to wear this jewelry, it's Brian's name on it and this is a man who clearly takes that fact very, very seriously. More than anything else, this is why we chose to work with them. The only downside is that it was such a great experience that my wife is already scheming for some matching "ear sparklers" ( oh no!!).


We all want champagne on a beer budget. We came in "wanting" a something around a 3.5 carat solitaire and, with Brian and Lesley's expert guidance, leaving with 4 carats on top some very special matching bands. So I'm smiling, my wife is beaming and the bank account isn't overdrawn. What's not to like?

It comes down to trust so ask yourself "who in this world can I most trust to for advice and guidance on this all important purchase" and make up your own mind. The phrase "we couldn't be happier" doesn't quite do these rings justice. Thanks Brian and Lesley. Thanks Pricescope. Job well-done…

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