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  • Robyn's Diamond Bracelet
    August 15, 2016

    Robyn's Diamond Bracelet

    While our reputation at Brian Gavin Diamonds lies mainly in the area of engagement rings, we love providing our customers with all kinds of sparkle. In May, we had the chance to create a stunning bracelet for our client, Robyn,...

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  • Justin’s Rain or Shine Proposal
    May 1, 2016

    Justin’s Rain or Shine Proposal

    When is the right time to get on one knee? As the saying goes, "when you know, you know." We can certainly say the same sentiment applies to our customer Justin. Justin first reached out to Brian Gavin Diamonds in...

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  • Amethyst Brian Gavin Diamonds Ring
    February 24, 2016

    February’s Pride and Joy: Amethyst

    As winter's beauty transitions into spring, February remains one of the most captivating and romantic months of the year. One more thing to fall in love with in February is the amethyst birthstone. The deep purple amethyst is a Brian...

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  • Matt and Katie's Waterfall Proposal
    February 19, 2016

    Let Love Grow: Matt and Katie's Proposal

    One of the most beautiful things about a relationship is that when couples grow, they grow together with a life that's intertwined and rooted. Our customer, Matt, knew this to be true when he approached us to create the perfect...

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  • 5 Creative Proposal Ideas
    January 4, 2016

    5 Creative Proposal Ideas

    At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we live in the world of passionate love stories, romantic proposals and memorable wedding days. Aside from working one-on-one with customers to create an ideal ring, one of the most enjoyable elements of our jobs is...

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  • 5 Beautiful BGD Gifts Under $500
    December 13, 2015

    5 Beautiful BGD Gifts Under $500

    White winters, the smell of pine trees, cozy weather, and quality time with family—there's a reason why the holidays are everyone's favorite time of year. While the holiday season is an enchanting one, we can't ignore the unbearably long retail...

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  • Achieve Off-the-Cuff Style with Brian Gavin Diamonds
    November 22, 2015

    Achieve Off-the-Cuff Style with Brian Gavin Diamonds

    What's style without an exclamation point? Brian Gavin Diamonds launched a customizable cufflinks collection to put the final punctuation on menswear. The versatile collection grants you, its creator, the power to decide what long-lasting statement you'll make when entering a...

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  • A Proposal Fit For a Queen
    November 15, 2015

    A Proposal Fit For a Queen

    Weddings are the one occasion where you're meant to feel like complete royalty. From the courtship to the proposal, and finally to the aisle, there's something truly magical about falling in love with the person you will spend your life...

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