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Brian Gavin Diamond Recut in Customer's Original Setting

Loyal Customer Thrilled With Her Brian Gavin Diamond Recut and Reset

At the end of last year our loyal customer Merline sent in 2 diamonds to be recut. One was to be shipped back to her loose and the other was to be set back into the ring setting it had come to us in. Brian examined both of the diamonds and felt that they both had great potential for improvement.

We'll feature the larger stone in this post. It started off at 3.28 carats and ended up at 3.06 carats. The transformation was incredible. Before and after pictures are featured in the gallery below as well as the Merline's "new" diamond ring.

We shipped the 2 recut diamonds with a pair of Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond earrings and a pair of diamond jackets!

Hi Lesley,

We just got back from our Hawaii trip and just now have a chance to write back to you about the diamonds. Well, I am hopelessly in love with it! I just can't stop looking at my ring. All day, I keep glancing at it. Brian's work is amazing to say the least. I can't tell you how happy I am with the recut. Thank you both so much for doing this for me. You both were wonderful and I really appreciate what you have done for me!

The earrings with the jacket are just perfect for everyday use too! And while I chose to pick a smaller sized earrings in the hopes of going under the radar and get minimal attention from co-workers, the opposite is actually happening LOL. Not one day has gone by where I don't get a compliment about how "big" my earrings are and how sparkly they look! I guess with Brian Gavin diamonds, it will always get attention no matter what 🙂

Please convey my warmest regards to Brian and tell him how happy I am of his work! I consider myself very lucky to have found you both!

All the best, Merline

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