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From Australia With Love

From Australia With Love

John and Juanelle's love story starts at his family's cafe, where John was working as a Pastry Chef. Juanelle started working there part-time and they hit it off right away! "I remember John would make me a mini dessert with my name on it every day."

From mini desserts to an intimate proposal with a 1.587 M VS1 Brian Gavin Blue in a Platinum 6 Prong Legera Pave.

Juanelle: It was my 30th birthday, and we had dinner planned with both our families to celebrate. Before dinner, I got a big surprise when I opened my birthday present from John. It was a box inside a box, which was empty! Then John pulled out the engagement ring and asked me, "should I marry you love"! hahah, Of course, I said Yes!

John: I wanted something simple and private. I thought that with Juanelle's 30th birthday coming up in a few months, this was my perfect opportunity to pop the question after 7 years together. Juanelle had absolutely no idea what was coming, which was perfect.

First Impressions…

John: The ring looked better than I could have ever imagined! The Brian Gavin Cape diamond goes with the platinum pave setting perfectly. I wasn't completely sure about the warmer colour diamond paired with the white metal, and whiter pave diamonds, but I definitely could not be happier with how it turned out. Under most conditions, the centre diamond looks a lot whiter than I expected an M colour to look, then sometimes the faint yellow can be seen, but I feel like this gives it fire and character, which I really love. I am actually glad I went for this colour diamond as I feel it makes it more beautiful and unique. Being a diamond of strong fluorescence, when viewed in sunlight it looks even more amazing than ever!

Juanelle: It was honestly the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It was so sparkly. I think I just said WOW. I couldn't believe John had chosen such a beautiful ring for me.

If you could describe your ring in one sentence, what would you say?

"It is timeless, beautiful, and unique, just like our love for each other."

How did you plan to pop the question?

"I wanted it to be low key and I knew that the most important thing in the world for Juanelle is her family. Being a simple guy, I thought that the perfect proposal had to take place with them present."

Give us the diamond buying deets?

"I found the buying process quite simple as it did not take too much research to realise that any diamond I chose from Brian Gavin was going to be amazing. It was mostly a matter of trying to decide what I would like to get. After quite a few emails to Jamie, I decided to go for a Brian Gavin Cape Diamond with strong fluorescence, which I had my eye on for quite a little while. It was the perfect size, and I loved the warmer colour with fluorescence combo. After a few more emails I decided on the perfect setting, and once that was locked in, the process took exactly as long as promised, and I had the ring here in Australia in just over 2 weeks. It was a bit nerve wracking purchasing something of such value online, unseen and from the other side of the world but it most certainly paid off! Everything about the ring is amazing and my newly appointed fiancé absolutely loves it and is still amazed with the way the centre stone glows so blue and brightly under ultraviolet light."

What was your favourite part of working with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team?

"It felt like I was talking to an expert which made me feel assured I was going to get exactly what I had in mind. All my questions were answered very promptly and accurately."

What are you looking forward to most when it comes to your wedding?

We are looking forward to having a small, intimate wedding so we can enjoy the day with each other and our families. We really want to avoid the stress and pressures that come with organizing a big wedding.

Congratulations, John and Juanelle; we wish you the best! Thank you for choosing The Brian Gavin Diamonds Team to be a part of your love story!

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