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A Matunuck Proposal For Amanda and Corey

A Matunuck Proposal For Amanda and Corey

With 2020 being one of the most challenging years for most of us, we love sharing beautiful stories that shine a little light for everyone! Amanda was surprised by her 1.544 J VS Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Hearts and Arrows round diamond set in a Six Prong Fishtail Pave Platinum ring. Keep reading for Amanda and Corey's sweet engagement story.

Tell us how you met.

We met at a beach bar that I (Amanda) worked at during the summer. I'm a math teacher, so it was the perfect summer job. It was the night before my birthday, and I actually tried to get my shift covered so I could go out with my friends. Someone offered at the last minute, but I declined and went to work.

Corey came into the bar with a large group of people after leaving a friend's parents' anniversary party. I remember I was opening a beer and looked up to see him walking by, and I said to myself that was the most handsome man I'd ever seen. He ordered a drink from me but was standing with a pretty woman, and I assumed that was his girlfriend.

I went about my night, and shortly before we closed, the two approached the bar again and called me over. What I thought was a question about the tab was really his number being written on a keno slip and given to me. I've always been self-conscience, and he's very shy, so if it wasn't for the woman, we would've went our separate ways. Instead, I guess you could call it love at first sight; I knew instantly.

Describe the day of your proposal.

Amanda: It was the day before a five day Thanksgiving break for the both of us, Tuesday 11/24. Corey took the day off, and when I got home from work, he said that he made us reservations at our favorite restaurant, Matunuck Oyster Bar. I immediately thought it was strange because ever since COVID hit, we've gone out to eat twice. We were early for our reservation, so we drove by an old house we lived in then went by the beach. The weather was surprisingly nice for late November. There was no wind, the ocean was a beautiful blue, and the sun was beginning to set. We walked along looking for sea glass when Corey realized neither of us had our phone. He ran back to the car, and all I could do was think if this was our moment.

He got back, gave me his phone to take sunset pictures with. When I turned around to give it back, there was my best friend, on one knee. It was just us, and it was absolutely perfect.

Corey: I had made reservations at our favorite restaurant, put the ring in my jacket pocket, and put that in the car ahead of time. I told her that we were leaving early to beat traffic, but really it was to have the sun setting on the beach for when I proposed. Once I got back to the beach from getting the forgotten phone, the sun was going down, and I knew it was the right time. She turned around from taking some pictures, and there I was.

How did you plan to pop the question?

Corey: Initially, my plan was to propose on Christmas Eve in Antigua, but due to COVID, our vacation was canceled. I knew Matunuck was the perfect alternative because that's where we met, shared years of our relationship, and first lived together. I couldn't rely on the weather on Christmas Eve in Rhode Island being nice, and the day before Thanksgiving's weather was not looking too good either, so that's when I decided on Tuesday. The weather was cooperating.

What were your first impressions of your new Brian Gavin Diamonds ring?

Once I got over the fact that he actually proposed and looked at the ring, I couldn't believe it was for me. It's absolutely stunning, and I didn't think I deserved it.

If you could describe your ring in one sentence, what would you say?

The most beautiful, sparkly piece of jewelry I've ever seen.

How was the diamond buying process?

It was really easy. I had never wired money before, so that made me nervous, but overall exceptionally smooth.

What was your favourite part of working with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team?

It couldn't have been easier. The website is really informative, and I know more about diamonds than I ever thought possible.

What are you looking forward to most when it comes to your wedding?

Amanda: Honestly, just the thought of marrying him.

Corey: Marrying my best friend.

What's your dream honeymoon?

We'd love the opportunity to take a month to travel! We're already thinking of wedding options such as Greece or the Caribbean, but know this can pose problems to family that cannot travel. So for us, just hopping around to places on our bucket list is the dream.

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