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Special Offers on Natural Diamonds - Learn More
Showing the Perfect Symmetry of Brian Gavin's Signature Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

Brian Gavin’s Trellis II 5 Stone Diamond Ring Continues to Wow Our Customers…

Gwyneth contacted us at the end of August after she had seen her aunt's beautiful 5 stone trellis band.

"Hi Lesley!!! I recently visited with my dear Aunt Lynn and saw her new Brian Gavin 5 stone .33 diamond ring w/trellis setting and WOW! Any chance of getting a quote of the SAME ring but in size 8.5? Platinum setting – same type of stones??

Denise worked with her to select 5 magnificent 0.40 – 0.44 ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamonds to set into the Platinum 5 Stone Trellis II setting.

I'm going on to a conference Sept. 21 – it would be cool to make my friends swoon! But if that's not doable – don't wanna rush ya! I can create jealousy at another venue!

We shipped the ring in time and received the following e-mail a few days ago:

Denise, Sorry haven't written sooner but my ability to compose a coherent sentence has been hampered by the distraction this ring is making in my life! Even now I glance down at its sparkly goodness and stop typing amazed at the fire, the sparkle, the evident hearts & arrows of these brilliantly cut rocks sitting pretty on my hand! I could not be more pleased by a ring…it's everything I dreamed of and more! Here's a pic on my hand! Thank you again for such an easy and lovely buying experience for a lifetime of sparkly blingtastic fun! You're a doll! ~Gwyneth

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