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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Brian Gavin Diamonds Creates Magnificent Aquamarine and Diamond Heirloom “Mother’s” Ring…

Brian Gavin Diamonds Creates Magnificent Aquamarine and Diamond Heirloom “Mother’s” Ring…

At the end of May we were e-mailed by a customer interested in having us create her heirloom "Mother's" Ring. She had an 8mm asscher cut aquamarine and 6 round brilliant diamonds that she wanted to ship to us to use in the ring. She had approached many different jewelers and companies and they had either not been willing to work with her stones or the quotes were too expensive. The quote we e-mailed her was within the budget she had allowed:

"I am so excited, I have wanted this ring for a year. I saw some of the work you guys have done and it's superb. I know all my co-workers are just as excited to see it as I am."

I met with our head jeweler and together the 2 of us brainstormed as to how to go about creating this magnificent piece. We did a mock up on CAD and e-mailed the rendering to the customer for comments and approval. She was an absolute delight to work with and put her total trust in us. All the way along we kept her involved and sent her process pictures and e-mail updates.

"Thank you so much for including me in the process. I think if more businesses did that they would garner repeat customers."

  • The ring was created in 2 pieces in 18K white gold/palladium.
  • It is 11.5mm wide and contains 96 Brian Gavin Signature melee 1.15 – 1.17mm H/I SI. The customer requested the H/I SI Brian Gavin Signature melee as her 6 diamonds were all H SI.
  • Each tiny diamond melee was painstakingly set and the edges of the band were carefully milgrained to perfection.
  • Lastly the 6 diamonds and the aquamarine were set.
  • Finally, the ring was finished, polished and rhodium plated.

We experienced a slight delay when the first attempt at casting the insert failed, and we had to recast it. Our customer was extremely patient and did not mind the delay, understanding that we needed time to perfect the final product. On completion, our jeweler asked us to pass the following message on to the customer:

"Our customer might perhaps understand by comparing the wearability of this ring design and its uncommon setting features with the way a lady should enjoy her fine china or crystal stemware: It is a delightful visual experience that happens to also be wearable as a ring for an appreciative and mindful owner."

When she received the ring this is the e-mail we received:

"Lesley, I was astounded as I opened the box. The craftsmanship of the ring was beyond my expectations. I couldn't have hoped for a more beautiful mother's ring and I have something now that my daughter cannot wait to inherit. Thank you so much for all that you do, the work is impeccable and I will be telling everyone about. I can't thank you enough. I am already working on the next project so as soon as I get those gems in hand I will be in touch. I'll be posting the pics on Pricescope for everyone to oogle."

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