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NATURAL: Curated BG Signature Diamond Collection Starting at 14% Off | LAB: BG Premium Collection Up to 30% Off
Khanh and Her New Brian Gavin Signature Baby Blankee

Australian Customers Rave About Brian Gavin’s Signature Diamonds and Jewelry…

In July of last year Khanh contacted us from Australia to discuss her push present. At the time she was 6 months pregnant and wanted to select her diamond band but wait until after the birth to make sure of her ring size. She selected a 1/2 Eternity U-Prong band and we then waited to make the band until February. During that time Khanh also purchased a Diamonds By The Yard Necklace and Sapphire Halo Diamond Pendant for her mother. Her friend Alex purchased a beautiful Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond for his wife along with a 1/2 Eternity Bead Set Band. Everything was shipped out to them in March along with two Brian Gavin Signature Blankees and we just received this testimonial along with the pictures in the gallery below.

Jamie, I have some pictures for you with our BGD goodies! Apologies they have taken so long. Please feel free to photoshop the wrinkles and circles from our eyes 🙂 Just some background info for you: with my ring (1/2 u-prong eternity), this was a push present from my husband for our baby Benjamin. When I showed Alex and Soan (who travelled with us to Las Vegas and Hawaii) the glamour shots of the eternity, they were so impressed, they just had to get one for Soan (1/2 bead set eternity)! Unbeknownst to me at the time, Soan was actually pregnant (she is due in mid October)! And also unbeknownst to both Soan and myself, Alex secretly bought Soan the BGD loose stone. Needless to say, when she unwrapped her package, she was extremely surprised! She was especially surprised that Alex was able to keep it a secret from her for so long as he is a big blabbermouth. We are all so impressed with our goodies. Our rings are so super sparkly and my necklace was very elegant and delicate. We could not stop looking at our bling during our trip. I then had to get something special for my mum too – hence the last minute purchase of the sapphire halo necklace. My mum kept commenting on how bright and sparkly the diamonds were, even though they were small. Thank you so much Jamie for helping both myself and Alex with our purchases. You have been so fantastic to deal with and made our experience so smooth and easy. Thanks to everyone at BGD for our gorgeous jewellery. I can't wait to receive our next pieces! Thank you! Khanh

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