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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds

Why Doesn't Brian Gavin List the Diamond Cut Grade for Emerald Cuts?

Diamond Cut Grade for Emerald Cut DiamondsTo date, the GIA and AGS do not offer an ideal cut grade system for Emerald Cut diamonds. These fancy shape diamonds are provided with a range of proportions to stay within to guarantee maximum light performance but you will not find an actual cut grade on the certificate. Only the Round Brilliant, Princess, and now Cushion cut diamonds will include an actual cut grade on the certificate for verification purposes.

Here is what the AGS says about its Cut Grade System:

A Cut Grade Like No Other

You’ve probably heard that the most important factor of the 4Cs is Cut. The AGS Laboratories built its reputation on developing a Cut Grade that has no rival. We present this information to you based on the easy-to-understand numeric and verbal descriptors.

Easy-to-Understand Grades

The grades in AGS Laboratories diamond grading reports for a diamond's cut are based on proprietary numeric and verbal descriptors. The numeric descriptors for the diamond Cut Grade follow the American Gem Society's standards for how well a diamond is cut. The expressed range is from zero to ten, with zero being the very best and ten representing the lowest grade. The verbal descriptors are AGS Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. It’s pretty clear-cut that way — no guessing what it all means!

The Real AGS Ideal

AGS Ideal applies only to the finest cut diamonds. The AGS Ideal is recognized worldwide as the pinnacle of diamond cutting. As a result, AGS Ideal diamonds command higher prices at the wholesale and retail levels. Be careful when someone tells you that a diamond is an Ideal. It’s not an Ideal unless it is the ORIGINAL Ideal — the AGS Ideal.

Tips from the AGS Laboratories Rock Stars:

A well-cut diamond will have more life and sparkle than one of lesser cut quality. If you compare a well-cut small diamond next to a slightly larger diamond of lesser cut quality, the small diamond may well look larger to the naked eye.

You can read more about the AGS's cut grade system here

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