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Hearts and Arrows Pictures in Red Blue and Green from HRD Laboratory

Why are Brian Gavin hearts and arrows diamonds orange?

This afternoon while I was on the telephone with a client, he asked me why Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds exhibit hearts patterns which are orange in color, while the patterns exhibited within diamonds produced by some other companies are blue in color, then he told me that he thought his girlfriend would find the blue color more appealing… it’s moments like this that remind me that what sometimes seems so obvious to us, it lost upon our clients simply because we haven’t taken the time to share what creates some of the subtle differences between how different companies choose to represent their diamonds online.

The fact of the matter is that our hearts and arrows photographs appear to be orange in color because the filter which we use on the Hearts and Arrows scope to diffuse the light and create the contrast necessary to clearly distinguish the separations between the facet sections is orange in color.

Hearts & Arrows Diamond Photographs, Blue in Color

Why some hearts and arrows patterns appear blue:

This photograph of a hearts and arrows diamond which is part of a tutorial which Brian wrote awhile back was taken using a blue filter, thus the outer edges of the diamond appear blue in color.

The hearts and arrows pattern appears white in both photographs because the light striking those facets is being reflected off of a white disk.

What color filters are commonly used for grading H&A diamonds:

The fact of the matter is that a wide variety of colored filters are used to filter the light so that it is possible for people to see the patterns within hearts and arrows diamonds, like those featured in the Brian Gavin Signature collection. The photograph on top which is provided by the HRD Laboratory of Belgium, shows a Hearts and Arrows round brilliant cut diamond as seen through a scope which incorporates the use of an orange filter, one which uses a blue filter, and one which uses a green filter.

We’ve also seen some hearts and arrows viewers which incorporate filters which are gold in color, purple, and some which are more metallic and pink.

Why are Brian Gavin Hearts Photographs Red?

What color are Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds?

The comment made by the client I was speaking with this afternoon reminded me of a blog post which I wrote awhile back that was inspired by another client who asked What Color Are Hearts and Arrows Diamonds? Once again what seems obvious to those of us in the diamond business, because we see these diamonds and work with the equipment used to grade them every day, is not always readily apparent to our clients who are more apt to reach some sort of conclusion based on the appearance of the diamond as presented to them in a photograph.

Brian Gavin Signature diamonds are white in color, they range in color grade from D-color which is the highest grade of “colorless diamond” all the way down to M-color which is considered to be “faint yellow” although it should be noted that differences in the body color of diamonds tends to be more slight than people imagine it to be, so faint yellow really isn’t all that yellow.

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