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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
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Tips & Tricks for Ring Shopping Together

“My girlfriend and I have decided to get married. Thus, we’re looking to buy an engagement ring. I’m not sure how many couples decide to do this together, but it seems to work for us. Since she is an active part of the ring buying process, I don’t need to be concerned with trying to surprise her by proposing on a special day, or anything like that. Therefore, we’re trying to figure out when is the best time to buy an engagement ring? We’re also wondering, just out of curiosity, how many couples are buying an engagement ring together? It doesn’t seem like a common occurrence among our friends.”

Couples Who Ring Shop Together:

It seems like more and more couples are buying an engagement ring together. While this might seem counterintuitive, the reality is that it ensures that she gets the ring she really wants. However, this modern approach to buying an engagement ring does have its drawbacks. Not the least of which is the fact that she knows the ring is coming.

More on that subject in a minute. On the upside, you have the benefit of knowing that she’s going to like the ring style. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that the ring is going to fit, because you’ll know her ring size.

Having an understanding of her basic preferences for an engagement ring will go a long way towards ensuring that you get it right. However, it can take some of the magic out of the moment.

Approach When Buying an Engagement Ring Together:

Quite a few of our clients have purchased engagement rings together, but there is one approach that we think makes the most sense. As a matter of fact, we think that it is the best way for couples to buy an engagement ring together. At the same time, it enables the couple to enjoy the excitement created by having that special moment, where the formal proposals is presented.

The approach for buying an engagement ring together in this manner is quite simple. You go ring shopping together, to get an idea of what style of ring she likes. Let’s say that she tells you that she really likes the Anita Halo setting by Brian Gavin.

The two of you talk about her preference for round or cushion cut. We make every ring custom to fit the center stone, so it doesn’t matter whether she prefers a round or a cushion cut. She tells you that she’s always dreamed of having a one carat diamond on her finger, and that she prefers rose gold.

Benefits of Buying an Engagement Ring Together:

So, the obvious benefit here is that now you know whether she likes a round, cushion cut, or other shape diamond. You know that she’s always dreamed of wearing a one carat diamond. Plus, you know that she likes the Anita Halo setting by Brian Gavin in 18k rose gold.

Hopefully, you managed to get her finger size along the way! And now, you don’t have to worry about buying a setting that she doesn’t like, or buying a diamond that is too big, or too small, or choosing the wrong alloy.

Other things that you might want to talk about together, are things like blue fluorescence, and whether she prefers carat weight, over clarity and color. Understand that there are no right or wrong answers, this is just a discussion to familiarize yourself with her preferences in a diamond.

This is a fact finding mission, but also remember that getting engaged is supposed to be a fun, magical, and memorable moment in your lives. Which brings us to our next point.

You Still Need to Create a Moment!

Regardless of whether you are ring shopping together or not, she’s going to remember how you present the ring to her (forever). Thus, you really should make an effort to surprise her, even if she knows all about the ring, she picked it out, and she knows that it is coming.

Trust us on this. Lots of the women wearing engagement rings from Brian Gavin, took an active part in the selection process. The majority of them stepped back at the last minute, and handed the reigns over to their future husbands.

They all indicated that they wanted to be surprised, that they wanted to have that moment. So, don’t make the mistake of assuming that she doesn’t want to be surprised, just because she’s going ring shopping with you!

Just say, all right honey, thanks for your input. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to take it from here, because I want the ring to be a surprise. Now, it’s possible that she’ll argue that she doesn’t need to be surprised, but we’re betting that’s not quite true. Every married man reading this article will tell you, it’s a trap ;-)

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