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Looking for a 0.6 to 0.9 Carat, VS1 to S11 Clarity and G to I Color BGD Signature H&A or Blue Diamond

Question 1:

The diamond properties that I’m currently considering is a follows:

  • Clarity VS1 to SI1
  • Color G to I
  • Carat 0.6 to 0.9
  • BG signature H&A or BG Blue

Answer: I appreciate your sharing your parameters with me. I certainly think we can locate a magnificent stone from one of our lines that will meet your needs. Do you have any stones that you've seen that you like so far or would you like me to make recommendations for you to consider?

Question 2:

I’m only considering loose diamonds at present as I do not have her ring size. Would you be able to give me any advice on how I would be able to measure her ring size? She doesn’t own any rings and I would like to keep the proposal a surprise.

Answer: We fully understand wanting to make sure that the ring is a surprise. Some clients have been successful in using a string around the ring finger to get a reading and measuring it and we can find out the size using conversion charts. Or, if she has a sister they generally know her ring size or even her mother would but that might raise suspicion.

Question 3:

I’m also interested in the blue fluorescent diamonds on your website. Are these diamonds cut to the same standard as the Signature Hearts and Arrows (H&A) diamonds?

Answer: Our Signature Blue line of diamonds are cut to receive the AGS grade of 0 for light performance just like our Signature H&A diamonds. However, we do not guarantee the hearts pattern on these stones as they can be slightly off from the Signature H&A stones. However, they are cut extremely well because with the presence of the fluorescence it is imperative that they meet these super ideal standards to make sure that there is not negative effect in the diamond that can be found in stones with inferior cut parameters.

Question 4:

Would you be able to send me pictures of a strong fluorescent diamond (H or I colour) in different light conditions? E.g. indoor, outdoor, under a lamp, etc. I would be grateful if you could also explain to me what to expect in terms of colour changes in the different light conditions.

Answer: A video and pictures are not going to help you in seeing any color difference in the stone, especially with these high cut quality stones. We actually had a client who did a video of one of our blue diamonds in pretty much every lighting condition you could think of- these stones are truly amazing! You can actually view it here!

Question 5:

Your website states that the selected blue fluorescents diamonds will not be adversely affected by the fluorescence. Could you please explain your selection process?

Answer: With stones that do not meet ideal standards, this causes the fluorescence in the diamond to cause a milky/oily look in the diamond that is not desirable. This is caused because when there is light leakage in the stone. Brian Gavin personally hand selects each and every stone to make sure that it's been cut to our precise standards and views in lighting ranges to make sure they do not possess this negative quality.

Question 6:

Could you please explain the steps taken by your company to avoid selling conflict / blood diamonds?

Answer: We take the illicit trading of diamonds extremely seriously at Brian Gavin Diamonds. We all adhear to the Kimberly Process guidelines that is required throughout the industry to limit the illicit trading. By us having our stones cut for us at our own factory in Belgium, we can guarantee the origins of the rough material that is used for our stones come from legitimate sources that can be traced to either Russian or Canadian decent.

Question 7:

Do you have a diamond upgrade scheme? If so could you please provide me with some details?

Answer: With your purchase of a Signature diamond, you will have a LifeTime upgrade policy on your stone. You can read more here from our FAQ list:

Do you have a Lifetime Upgrade Policy on your diamonds?

We offer a Lifetime Upgrade Policy on Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows certified diamonds. This does not apply to jewelry that contains diamonds.

  • Apply the original purchase price (less shipping) towards your upgrade and pay the difference.

We also offer a Lifetime Upgrade Policy on Brian Gavin Blue diamonds. This does not apply to jewelry that contains diamonds.

  • When upgrading to another Brian Gavin Blue Stone apply the original purchase price (less shipping) towards your upgrade and pay the difference.
  • When upgrading to a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond, apply 95% of the original purchase price (less shipping) and pay the difference.

ALL upgrades need to include two of the three following variables - size, color and clarity, additional charges my apply at time of upgrade.

Question 9:

What is included with the shipped diamond?

Answer: Your package will include your Brian Gavin Signature stone, the original AGS certificate, and a H&A viewer with a loose stone purchase.

Question 10:

Could you please give me an idea of the shipping cost or any other charges (tax etc) that may be incurred due to shipping the diamond internationally?

Answer: Shipping/insurance will depend on the total amount of your purchase. Once we select a stone, I will be able to confirm the shipping/insurance rate for you. When the diamond arrives in your country, you will be contacted by your local customs office to make payment arrangements for the duties/taxes for your country. I do not have the exact % of what that would be. I would call your local customs office and they will be able to give you an idea as to what % you will be looking at for this purchase.

Question 11:

Do you also accept credit cards?

Answer: For international orders, we only accept bank wire transfers.

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