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Live Chat: Looking for a 1.5 Carat, SI1 Clarity and I Color Diamond with Triple X GIA Certificate

Rob : Question
Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with a search?

Jamie : How May I help You?

Rob : I'm looking for a diamond with this criteria:

Jamie : Hi Rob- sure!

Rob : 1.5-1.59 ct., dimensions 7.35mm+, I color, SI clarity (eye clean), GIA Lab with Excellent cut, Excellent polish, and Excellent symmetry. Scoring
Rob : I just searched on your site, and found about 2 dozen items, so I was wondering if you could maybe point out some highlights? especially if you happened to have the HCA scores on hand (not sure if you would?) so I don't have to input them for each stone

Jamie : Hi Rob, we specialize in the round brilliant superideal H&A Brian Gavin Signature diamonds. We have a few 1.5ct stones in the J VS2 range- would you be willing to consider one of these stones?

Rob : Sure, what would you recom

Jamie : we have 4 in this range:

Jamie :

Jamie :

Jamie :

Rob : What makes a diamond "hearts and arrows"? I know that's the pattern of the facets, but is that just a term BG uses? or is there some official meaning?

Jamie : the hearts and arrows term refers to the perfect alignment of the stones proportions. when all the facets are aligned exactly- you get the crisp exact pattern. What this guarantees for you is that no matter what lighting condition you have the stone in it will guarantee maximum light return.

Jamie : each one has received the highest grade of 0 for light performance, which is infact a step higher than the GIA excellent. AGS is the only light performance grading laboratory to date. They do exact measurements of proportions and not rounding like the GIA

Rob : Are all of the BG H&A stones AGS Certs?

Jamie : yes, we do this for the precise reason that they grade on light performance wh
ich is what you want for a superideal diamond

Rob : I'm looking at some of the AGS certs from the 4 you sent me and it looks like they barely map inclusions at all, is there a reason for this? From the map on the 1.528 for example, there is one tiny red dot and nothing else?

Jamie : click on the "verify lab report" icon- this will pull up the AGS link so you can view the full cert. When we scan the certs in sometimes they do not come through very clear on the plotting

Rob : Oh never mind, they're right. I've been looking at SIs and these are VS2s

Jamie : yes, each one is a VS2 so their plots will be cleaner usually than the SI selections

Rob : I'm not sure these would be good options for me. I really did a lot of research and don't want lower color than an I. I also want to stay within my 11.5k price range and these are about 1k higher.

Rob : I started at looking f
or H's at
Jamie : with the superior cut of these stones they do not trap body color so an I and J side by side you would not be able to tell the difference. We match them as earrings and side diamonds

Jamie : I certainly understand drawing a line but I wouldn't box yourself into a corner so that you sacrifice on the cut of the stone for one color grade on paper.

Rob : Yes I understand, but that was the rationale I used to go to an H from an I If I use the same argument to go from an I to a J, then a J to a K, then what?

Jamie : I won't take you lower than a J Yes we have K's but the H-J range is hardly discernible when comparing side by side. I just know
from personal experience that once the ring is on her finger and she's in a room surrounded by her friends and they're all comparing their diamonds that one of these 4 would absolutely blow everything else out of the water regardless of color- it's all performance.

Rob : And you guys feel that an AGS0 is more of a performance standard than an IGS Ex? Not to say an IGS is bad, but the AGS is a little more strict and therefore a better measure of light performance?

Jamie : yes, I have seen it first hand. I've had clients adamant on having a GIA EX/EX/EX and when we bring it in, due to their wonky rounding system, the light return is not like the AGS 0

Jamie : they allow their excellent stones to have a 41 pavilion angle-this actually allows light leakage in the table of the diamond and causes it to be dark in the center because it's not reflecting the light as it should

Rob : Ok so even if I'm ok with the compromise on color
, there's still the matter of the $1500 price increase. What would your recommendation be on compromise to stay within that budget?

Jamie : well, you were going to be paying $1500 less for a lesser performing diamond, thus the price reflected that for you. Having mentioned the HCA I can imagine that you came from Pricescope, am I correct?

Rob : How on earth did you reply to that question so fast? Can you see what I'm typing before I send it? Yes I came from pricescope

Jamie : no I'm not able to see your typing- I'm pretty quick with my typing!

Jamie : While this won't get you to the $11k range the following stone would get you there

Rob : Does the "BG Signature" designation draw the line at J color and VS2 clarity?

Jamie : No, we even have Signature H&A stones in the K SI2 range

Rob : If we found a J SI1 wouldn't that fall closer to my price range than the J SI2's without compromising on size like that 1.3? I think my preference would be to compromise on the clarity and find an eye clean diamond with inclusions that aren't directly under the table before I sacrificed size

Jamie : the SI1 range would put us closer to $12500 on the pricing. Measurement wise, the difference from the 1.3-1.5 is approx .2mm in size.

Rob : So you think those 4 that you sent are the best options for what I described?

Jamie : with how much light is reflected from these diamonds, they do face up
larger than their actual appearance. That .2mm in size is really nothing because the 1.30 will face up much larger than it is in real life.

Jamie : Yes, for the range that you want I would recommend any of those 4 as they will be 100% eye-clean and she'll never have to worry about seeing an inclusion in the stone

Rob : Is there anything you notice about any of those 4 that you think makes it a better option than the others?

Jamie : in all honesty, I could lay every single one in front of you and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference of which one is which. They are all cut to the same precise standards so in terms of perfomance they will all be extremely brilliant and very white. I would personally go with the one that gets you closest to your budget.

Jamie : the difference in size is literally splitting hairs- there certainly isn't a wrong choice in the 4

Rob : Ok so that's the 1.506? You mentioned ea
rlier that the GIA 41% pav angle isn't the greatest, but this stone has a 40.8? Does that .2% make that big of a difference?

Jamie : yes, with the combination of all the other angles. A diamond is a prism so when all the facets fall within tight parameters the light comes through the top and directly back out of the top. That 41 angle actually refracts the light and it leaks out the side of the diamond.

Jamie : this is especially apparent in every day lighting- where she will be viewing her diamond 90% of the time

Rob : I see, and the lighter spots around the shafts of the arrows on the Idealscope aren't "leakage"? I'm no pro at reading scopes, but I thought lighter spots like those were less brilliant?

Rob : I know it's one of your signature H&A's, so it's not leakage

Rob : I'm really asking what it is?

Jamie : they will be less bright but the leakage in the t
able is what you want to steer clear of. The small areas around the outer edges actually create scintillation in your stone- the colored light return

Jamie : for a diamond, you want a good balance of bright white light return and colored light return- that's what gives you the sparkle factor

Rob : Ok, well that's a ton of information and I don't want to take up too much of your time. I think I'll put this one on my list of possibilities and think about whether or not I can stretch the budget a little

Rob : I'm assuming BG has a return policy comparable to other online vendors? Is there any charge for return?

Jamie : it's definitely a lot to soak up! take some time to process- i'm here for any questions that you have.

Jamie : you have a 15 day return policy with your purchase. You can return for a full refund less original shipping/insurance

Rob : What does shipping/insurance usually cost on a
diamond that size?

Jamie : You would be looking at approximately $85

Jamie : will you also be doing a setting?

Rob : Yes but my thought was to go to a local jewler and set the stone so that I'd have a good place to go for service/work if necessary

Jamie : we can certainly offer the same thing for you.

Rob : Yes but we'd have to ship the stone to you for work / cleaning / rhodium?

Jamie : we work with clients all over the world and they send their rings to us for inspections and repairs

Jamie : correct

Jamie : we recommend having the ring sent in for maintenance once a year- you cover the shipping and we check it out and polish it up for you.

Jamie : the rhodium is usually $75 and can be don
e at the same time as the check up

Jamie : We'd love to work with you on this purchase. Let me know which diamond you want and setting and we can put together a package deal for you.

Rob : Sure thing, you've been a huge help, and I'll certainly add the BG stone to the list of options

Rob : like I said I just have to think about the pricing. I'll drop you guys a line with some more questions soon I'm sure

Jamie : perfect! do you mind if I email you so you have my contact information?

Rob : sure, you have my email right?

Jamie : I don't actually see the email

Rob : oh, it's

Jamie : great! i'll drop you a line- you can shoot over any questions that arise.

Rob : thanks Jamie, have a good night

Jamie : you, too!

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