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March Diamond Madness is Here
March Diamond Madness is Here
What color metal works best for M Color (Cape Color) Diamonds?

What color metal works best for M Color (Cape Color) Diamonds?

Hello, Which material is more suitable for this stone (1.446 M VVS2 ECAGS-104103128011) in the setting (New Truth Solitaire) in terms of color and brilliance? Is yellow gold preferable option or platinum/white gold? Thanks! ~ Paul

Rose Gold may be the Best Option for M Color Diamonds:

While I think that M-color Cape Color Diamonds look great in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, the majority of our clients seem to prefer rose gold. The 18k Rose Gold Truth Setting by Brian Gavin pictured above is a perfect example of a ring that looks incredible with a cape color diamond center stone.

The warm soothing tones of the pink rose gold are the perfect choice to match the warmer hue and saturation of an M-color cape color diamond. The warmer pink tones of rose gold are created by adding a hint of copper to the alloy mixture.

Rose gold is a vintage metal that has been extremely popular throughout history. Rose gold has been making a comeback in recent years and accounts for a large amount of the settings we sell.

Setting an M-color (Cape Color Diamond) in Platinum or White Gold:

While M-color diamonds certainly look amazing set in pink rose gold, they look equally stunning set in platinum or white gold. The reason is simple, the higher cut quality of Brian Gavin Cape Color Diamonds makes them look whiter and brighter than diamonds of the same color grade which are not cut to the higher degree of optical precision.

The higher degree of optical precision creates more virtual facets within the diamond. Which in turn, creates more sparkle and that sparkle is more vivid and intense than what you’ll see in a standard ideal cut diamond.

From that perspective, it’s easy to see why Cape Color Diamonds from Brian Gavin are so popular. The “lower color grade” results in a lower price per carat, which enables you to afford a diamond which is much larger in size and carat weight. While the higher degree of optical precision ensures better light performance and sparkle factor that shows up from across the room!

M-Color Cape Color Diamonds Look Amazing in Yellow Gold:

yellow gold best for m color cape color diamonds truth solitaire brian gavinM-color Cape Color Diamonds from Brian Gavin also look amazing in yellow gold. The softer warmer tones of yellow gold blend perfectly with the warmer tones of M-color diamonds from the Brian Gavin Cape Color Diamond collection.

While a lot of people spend a lot of time worrying about what metal type is best for M-color diamonds, and diamonds which are within the Cape Color spectrum, the reality is that Cape Color Diamonds by Brian Gavin look incredible in rose gold, platinum, and white gold.

The higher degree of light return and balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle/fire) created by the proportions, and the more vivid and intense sparkle created by the higher degree of optical precision, set the stage for these diamonds to look incredible in settings cast in all the popular alloys.

How to Pick the Alloy Color Setting that is Right for You:

This might sound a bit cliché, but that is because many of the statements that sound cliché are repeated so often because they are simply true. With that in mind, the best alloy type for an M-color diamond is the metal color that appeals to your personal preference.

If you or your fiancé prefer the warmer tones of rose gold or yellow gold, then you’re going to love the way a Brian Gavin M-color Cape Series diamond looks set in either of those metal types.

If the two of you prefer the cooler tones of platinum or white gold, then you’re going to appreciate the way those rings look on your hand and the slight contrast created by mixing the cooler and warmer tones of the metal and diamond. Remember that contrast creates depth of field and enables us to appreciate beautiful things like sunsets and the manner in which the warm rays of the setting sun reflect off of the cooler tones of the water.

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