“My girlfriend really likes the way that 18k rose gold looks on her hand. I have to admit that I didn’t like the idea of pink gold to begin with, but the color really does compliment her warmer skin tone. Our local jeweler told us that warmer colored diamonds go really well with the warmer color of rose gold. However, they didn’t have any super ideal cut diamonds to show us, and frankly didn’t seem to know very much about diamond cut quality. Do you have any sort of selection guide for warmer colored diamonds?”

Warmer Color Diamonds Look Amazing in Rose Gold!

It’s absolutely true! Warmer color diamonds look amazing set in 18k rose gold, because the warmer tones complement each other very nicely. The 8.10 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature diamond (pictured above and left), is the inspiration for the 810 Collection by Brian Gavin. All of the engagement rings in the 810 Collection are forged using 18k Rose Gold.

Look how nicely the warmer tones of the J-color diamond blend with the 18k Rose Gold.

Warmer colored diamonds, such as those in the J-K-L-M-N-O and warmer spectrum, truly go very well with rose gold. At the same time, I find that diamonds in the cooler range, such as D-E-F colorless and G-H-I near-colorless, look equally as impressive.

However, the look created by the different spectrums of diamond colors is different. In this instance, the cooler tones of the whiter diamonds, creates a higher degree of contrast with the warmer tones of rose gold.

Diamond Buying Guide for Warmer Color Diamonds:

Buying a diamond in the J-color and warmer spectrum is really no different than buying a diamond on the cooler side of the grading scale. The volume of light return and sparkle factor continue to be the critical components of light performance. The sparkle factor of the diamond remains the primary consideration, regardless of the color or clarity grades.

Thus, the obvious choice for which diamond to buy, is going to be a diamond from the Brian Gavin Signature, or Cape Series by Brian Gavin. Every diamond in the Brian Gavin Signature and Cape Series is cut to the same high standards. The combination of center range proportions and the higher degree of optical precision, deliver the highest volume of light return and light performance.

Warmer Color Diamonds Deliver More Diamond for the Money:

One of the advantages of buying a warmer color diamond, is that you’re able to enjoy a larger looking diamond for the money. Consider the fact that both of these Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds are cut to the same high degree of precision:

The difference in price between the two diamonds is only $114.00 and both diamonds are VS-2 in clarity. The volume of light return and sparkle factor is the same, and the difference in color is going to be very slight in the face-up position.

Both of these diamonds are going to face-up beautifully in 18k rose gold, and offer the incredibly high volume of light return and sparkle factor that you’re looking for. That’s the trick to buying a diamond of warmer color, always focus on the higher degree of cut quality and optical precision. Because that’s what dictates the sparkle factor, which is all people can see from across the room!

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