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The Buyers Guide to Brian Gavin Signature Melee (sparkling insight)

The Buyers Guide to Brian Gavin Signature Melee (sparkling insight)

Most people know that Black by Brian Gavin and Brian Gavin Signature diamonds out sparkle the competition. However, you might be surprised to discover that our (accent) melee diamonds exhibit a comparable sparkle factor. That means that the accent diamonds in your Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring will sparkle as much as the center stone. In contrast, most manufacturers use standard non-ideal cut melee, and the effect is less impressive. In terms of performance, the Black and Brian Gavin Signature diamonds are in a world of their own. However, you might not realize it right away because there are several classifications of ideal cut diamonds.

What Makes Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds Special?

Signature Diamond Melee with Hearts and Arrows in White Gold Engagement Ring We target a specific range of proportions known as the sweet spot within the spectrum for the AGS Ideal-0 rating. That sets the stage for a high volume of light return. It also ensures that our diamonds exhibit a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. We also take the time to polish our diamonds to a higher degree of optical precision. That is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment from the perspective of 360-degrees. Consequently, the labs do not account for optical precision as part of the symmetry grade on the report. It can take up to 4X longer to achieve the level of optical precision necessary to produce a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows. However, it’s well worth the effort because it creates more virtual facets within the diamond. That means that there are more internal reflections of light, producing more outward bound sparkle. Consequently, Brian Gavin is the only cutter with a patent for maximizing light performance in the modern round brilliant cut diamond.

Brian Gavin Signature Melee Diamonds are Brighter:

For the reasons stated above, the Signature melee diamonds we use are brighter than most jewelers’ standard accent diamonds. In that case, the accent diamonds in your Brian Gavin Signature engagement ring will rival the sparkle of your center stone from the BGD Signature Collection. In contrast, the standard melee diamonds most jewelry designers use pales in comparison. Consequently, a melee diamond is any accent diamond weighing less than 0.20 carats. Some people say that the cut quality of smaller diamonds doesn’t matter, but we know better. That’s why Brian Gavin insists on the highest production standards for all the diamonds in his Signature Collection (including the melee). As a result, we offer melee diamonds as small as 0.18 carats with grading by the AGS Laboratory.

Imagine the Moment You Propose with a Brian Gavin Diamond:

Love is in the air, and you can feel it swirling all around you. You drop down on one knee and proudly open the box so that she can feast her eyes on her engagement ring. Perhaps the lighting is just right, or maybe it’s not, and that’s okay. After all, your Brian Gavin Signature diamond will catch whatever light is available and convert it into a sparkling symphony that speaks volumes. And so will the Brian Gavin Signature melee accent diamonds in her ring because they exhibit the same qualities. In that case, you’re going to see all that lovely super-charged sparkle reflecting in her eyes. It’s a beautiful thing and a moment that you will both remember forever. In contrast, there are many disappointed people because the accent diamonds in their rings sit there, failing to thrive, looking dull and lifeless. That’s why we don’t use the run-of-the-mill melee accent diamonds as everybody else. We know how bad it looks sitting next to the vibrant sparkle of our Brian Gavin Signature diamonds.

Look. Pay Close Attention.

Signature Diamond Melee with Hearts and Arrows in Rose Gold Engagement Ring As can be seen, there is a clear difference between Brian Gavin Signature melee and what other manufacturers use. Compare the sparkle factor of our diamonds side-by-side, and you’ll see what we mean. Conversely, we’re not bragging; we’re merely stating the facts which the sparkle factor of our diamonds supports. Brian Gavin Signature diamonds reflect the higher standard of our cutting process. And, yes, we know what you’re probably thinking: Incredibly, Brian Gavin Signature melee does exhibit hearts and arrows patterns just like our larger diamonds. That means that the sparkle factor of our accent diamonds will be as impressive as the Brian Gavin Signature center stone in your ring.

What is a Melee Cut Diamond?

Many people believe that the term “melee” refers to diamond shapes, such as round brilliant, cushion, or emerald-cut. It’s probably because the trade uses the word “cut” to describe shape in Diamond 4Cs pamphlets. There is no such thing as a “melee cut diamond” in terms of shape. The term “melee” refers to the size of the diamond and not the shape or facet structure. Most people refer to diamond melee as accent diamonds and think of them in terms of total weight. In contrast, the wholesale trade describes any diamond weighing less than 0.20 carats as a melee diamond. In other words, any diamond weighing less than one-fifth of a carat is a melee diamond. The correct pronunciation of melee is mey-lee or me•lee, but most people say, Milly, as in the name. The easy way to remember how to say it is to think of “smelly” without the “S” initially. Consequently, tradespeople might use the terms “melee” and “melee cut diamond” interchangeably. That is why we’re using both versions in this article about Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds.

Brian Gavin offers lab-graded melee diamonds:

Signature Diamond Melee with Hearts and Arrows in Yellow Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring As shown above, we offer Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds with grading by the AGS Laboratory in sizes 0.18+ carats. Please note our use of the term “lab-graded diamonds” as opposed to “certified diamonds.” Conversely, we don’t like the term “certified diamonds” because the AGS and GIA do not issue diamond grading certificates. A diamond grading report is not a certificate because the laboratories do not warrant the quality with a monetary guarantee. In contrast, the laboratories issue a report that states the characteristics of the diamond at the time of grading. For that reason, we correctly refer to “diamond grading certificates” as diamond grading reports. As a fifth-generation diamond cutter, Brian Gavin is capable of grading the diamonds he produces. However, we also know the peace of mind that the evaluation by a neutral third party provides. In that case, we submit diamonds weighing between 0.18 – 0.25 carats to the American Gem Society for grading.

How to Judge Optical Precision in Ideal Cut Diamonds:

It might seem counterintuitive to talk about Optical Precision (OP) in an article about melee diamonds. After all, most diamond accents don’t perform well because so few take the time to polish them properly. And that’s the point. Most diamond cutters do not take the time to polish accent diamonds properly, so their melee does not perform well. Optical precision is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment of the facets from the perspective of 360-degrees. It takes up to 4X longer to polish Brian Gavin Signature melee than standard accent diamonds. Conversely, that means our production costs are higher, but our diamonds sparkle more.

Optical Precision Surpasses Symmetry:

As stated previously, gemological laboratories like the AGS and GIA do NOT account for optical precision. Consequently, the grade on the diamond grading report refers to meet-point symmetry. In other words, it refers to how well the facets meet at the junction points. Under those circumstances, it’s easy to see why there are performance differences between ideal cut diamonds. The hearts’ photograph we provide on our diamond details pages will enable you to judge the degree of optical precision. You can also use the ASET Scope and Advanced ASET images to see how evenly our diamonds reflect light. Of course, we’re always available if you have any questions.

How Does Diamond Cut Quality Affect Price?

It seems like most people don’t stop to consider the cut-quality of the diamonds set in their engagement ring. In contrast, they might spend a significant amount of time evaluating the characteristics of the center stone. Out of curiosity, how much time did it take for you to realize that Brian Gavin is the best choice? Because Brian Gavin is the only diamond cutter with a patent for maximizing light performance in the modern round brilliant. Under those circumstances, none of the other brands of “Hearts and Arrows cut diamonds” compare because we’re cutting to a higher standard. Consequently, our patent extends beyond the proportions and encompasses the entire production process. In that case, there is no need to look further if you desire the most spectacular-looking diamond available. The higher degree of optical precision and patented production process guarantees your satisfaction. Our Black by Brian Gavin Signature diamonds and melee reflect sparkle that is bold, bright, and vivid. We might lose a little more rough material in the cutting process, but it's a worthwhile investment if you want to create the perfect engagement ring.
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