For Brad and Liz, their meetup might've been a surprise, but the couple didn't want any surprises when it came to their engagement ring.

elizabeth and bradley

Liz had temporarily moved in with some family friends as she started a new job, and they wanted to set her up with their friend. With the busy nature of her new job, Liz declined the offer to go on the blind date. However, her friends did not oblige and found a different way to make it work! When Valentine's Day weekend rolled around, Liz agreed to accompany her friends for a fun night out to realize upon her arrival that she was tricked into a blind double date. Liz danced the night away with Brad and they both had a wonderful time. Although Liz was hesitant about dating, Brad knew she was the girl he was going to marry one day.

elizabeth and bradley ring

After dating long-distance for a while, Brad decided it was time to pop the question. Brad understood how meaningful this purchase would be and wanted to get it right. Luckily, Liz made it easy for Brad since he already knew what kind of ring she wanted. Brad got in touch with Katie, a Senior Consultant at Brian Gavin Diamond, and she walked him through every step of the way. Brad expressed the type of ring Liz dreamt of and the Brian Gavin Diamonds team went to work – picking out the best setting and different options for Brad to choose from in his price range. The ring is a Novela Patientia with a solitaire setting that's classic with an elegant look to make it truly show-stopping. The simplicity of the setting allows the diamond to take center stage and make a lovely statement.

elizabeth and bradley novella ring

The couple planned to meet up for Liz's cousin's wedding since they were still long-distance and wanted to travel together. After Brad drove five hours to pick up Liz, she was ready to get on the road but noticed that he was wasn't moving with much haste and seemed reluctant to get to their destination in a timely manner. Little did she know, Brad was trying to buy time for his proposal because his original proposal plan was ruined by rain. For his backup plan, Brad made a video of all the memories they made thus far with a picture of a Brian Gavin Diamond she had always wanted at the end. At first, Liz was confused then saw Brad on one knee and her dream ring right in front of her.

elizabeth and bradley wedding

The couple wed in Liz's hometown, and although the forecast was thunderstorms throughout the day, the pair had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. Loving the product Brian Gavin Diamond had given them for the engagement ring, they decided to go back to them for wedding bands, too! They were able to get the Brian Gavin Diamonds team to customize Brad's wedding band to match Liz's. Everyone at Brian Gavin was so happy they could make this the easiest process for Brad and Liz and wish them the brightest future!

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We send Liz and Brad all the best on this next chapter in their lives together. If you're looking for something like Liz's ring, please visit our website.


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