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Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Rusks, A Ring, And A Surprise Proposal At Kings Park, Australia

Rusks, A Ring, And A Surprise Proposal At Kings Park, Australia

Renier had already found a setting for his soon to be fiance, Hjliza, and reached out to us online to find the perfect diamond center stone.

"As far as style setting go, I've already lined up a jeweller on this end – thank you – primarily due to having sourced some components on this end already. In short, it's a petite twisted vine with Argyle Pinks accent stones directly below the main "claw". The claw itself has girdle bars on one pair of opposite sides and the other has flower petals."

With the help of the Brian Gavin Diamond Team, Renier picked out a .790 I SI Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut Diamond.

Hjliza sent us a wonderful message with all the proposal details.

"So because we are South African one of our traditions is baking rusks. It is a family tradition from his side and he loves baking them and I love eating them. I'm a coffee lover too so he used those two things to create a very unique and special engagement. He is not the "ring-box" type of guy, so my ring was hidden inside a rusk that he baked about two weeks before our engagement. On Saturday morning the 13th of June he asked me to join him for coffee in Kings Park, Australia. He enjoys this park so much and it was a nice sunny day so I agreed to go for the outing. We bought coffee on our way there and he had this lunch box with 6 pieces of rusks with him. We found a spot in the park that was not too crowded and we sat there on a bench seat.

He was asking me twice if I would like to have some of the rusk and I wasn't in the mood for one that morning. So he then said "okay I will break it for the birds" and I saw him standing up from the bench trying to break the rusk in pieces and the next moment he went down on his knee and there my ring was inside the rusk. I was so blown away and did not expect anything like that."

Congratulations Renier and Hjilza! Thank you for choosing Brian Gavin Diamonds to be a part of your love story!

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