Just as Adam had promised Rachel a fairytale life, Brian Gavin Diamonds hopes to give everyone a fairytale experience when they purchase their engagement ring. Here at Brian Gavin Diamonds, we want to make sure every buyer feels comfortable, educated, and ecstatic about their choice to ensure that every marriage has the happiest of beginnings.     Adam and Rachel's story began where few love stories do… at work. The two were co-workers and constantly kept bumping into each other. Finally, Adam struck up a conversation with Rachel about the long day he had and how an El Tiempo margarita would make things better. Rachel, never having one, was quickly invited to join Adam for a drink. After hours of chatting away, they knew what they had was special. It was so special that Adam took Rachel to meet his family in Florida two weeks after their first date! rachel and adam proposal   The pair summarizes their love story by "when you know, you know" and that's also how they felt with their Brian Gavin Diamonds experience.  They looked around at various places but was unsure until they met Brian and felt comfortable when speaking with him about the different qualities of diamonds. Brian took the time to explain the intricacies and details of their options, which helped Adam have a good idea of what Rachel liked. Finally, after hearing what they were looking for, Brian was able to narrow it down to four diamonds that Rachel liked in order to make the selection process easy and simple for Adam. rachel and adam ring   Adam had planned on to propose to Rachel while she was on a girls' trip with her mom, aunt and cousin to Charleston. On the agenda was to tour Boone Hall Plantation, best known from the Notebook, in the afternoon during their time there. However, Rachel suggested going in the morning despite the pleas from her mother, who was aware of Adam's intentions. In the spur of the moment, Adam quickly rearranged all his plans, so that when Rachel was walking around the plantation, he was able to call out her name as he stood under a large oak tree to get down on one knee and ask Rachel the most important question of his life. rachel and adam yes   The ring matched the magical proposal, and most importantly, Rachel loved it.  Adam chose the Platinum Classic Truth Solitaire with a two-carat cushion cut diamond. This ring has one of Brian Gavin Diamonds' most famous features with a half round, comfort fit, tapered shank and the Truth head. The stunning two-carat cushion diamond brilliantly sparkles and catches all eyes from across the room. Rachel says it is exactly what she pictured her ring to look like since she was a little girl. She is over the moon with how much she loves her new ring and so happy with Adam's choice. truth ring truth ring top truth ring side The couple will tie the knot on February 16, 2019, and our team at Brian Gavin Diamonds can't wait to see what life has in stored for them.


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