Nothing says fall more than a perfect accessory that brings out the vibrant colors of the season, and there's no better place to look than the citrine gemstone collection from Brian Gavin Diamonds. Ranging in color from lemon yellow to reddish brown, citrine represents the month of November and is a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving season attire. This stone is known as the "healing quartz" and its vibrant, fiery colors make it a unique gemstone for all occasions.

Sometimes citrine is mistakenly referred to as gold or Spanish topaz, but don't let this coppery gemstone fool you. Citrine is actually a part of the quartz family and was historically found in European and South American mines. The gemstone began to boom in the 1930's when miners discovered large quantities in Brazil and shipped bulk quantities back to Europe. With a hardness rating of a seven on the Mohs scale, the citrine gem was clearly capable of lasting the long journey from Brazil to Spain and it's durable characteristics make it scratch-resistant, which is one of many reasons it's the perfect item to wear this fall and all year.

Here are a few favorites to consider bringing to your Thanksgiving feast or fall gathering.

Round Cab Citrine Silver
Round Cab Citrine Silver

The Round Cab Citrine Bracelet is the perfect wrist candy with bold bursts of citrine surrounded by white topaz halos.

Cushion Cab Citrine Earrings

The Cushion Cab Citrine Earrings are a beautiful combination of elegance and sophistication found in silver huggie earrings. These earrings are surrounded by white topaz, which add flair to a classic earring.

Square Matte Citrine Ring
Square Matte Citrine Ring

The Square Matte Citrine Ring is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry delicate enough to wear at any occasion. The ring is silver and approximately 8.22 ctw.

Square Pyramid Cut Citrine
Square Pyramid Cut Citrine

Looking for a little pop of color? The Square Pyramid Cut Citrine Earrings are approximately 5.28 ctw making these silver, leverback earrings perfect for any occasion.

Oval Cut Citrine Pendant
Oval Random Cut Citrine Pendant

Fit for a queen, the Oval Random Cut Citrine in a silver pendant comes with a 16 inch silver cable chain to fit perfectly for any special occasion.

Citrine Ring

The Square Cab Citrine Ring makes for a great right hand ring for cocktail parties. The diamond halo shines with the perfect amount of sparkle to make a statement with approximately a 5.01 ctw.

Start your citrine gemstone collection today by shopping our website. There is no better way to bring out the vibrant colors of the season.


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