Brian Gavin recently introduced his "Brian Gavin Blue" line of diamonds. The true beauty of fluorescence in a diamond coupled with Brian Gavin's proven track record and strictly designated parameters, allows you to own a spectacular and brilliant diamond at a competitive price.

Brian Gavin has laid down specific criteria for his new line:

  • All the "Blues" must fluoresce blue under UV light in the range of medium to very strong blue
  • All the "Blues" must be bright and clear and exhibit no milky or oily effect
  • All the "Blues" must meet the criteria for AGS0 Light Performance – Ideal or 0

Our customer, Brian Gallardo, created this fantastic video showing his new Brian Gavin Blue diamond in different lighting conditions. The diamond will be set into a custom Brian Gavin setting which we will feature when it is done.

Brian Gavin Blue: The Beauty of Fluorescence – by Brian Gallardo  

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