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March Diamond Madness is Here
March Diamond Madness is Here

Meet the Diamonds

Get to know the exquisite diamonds in the Brian Gavin Signature diamond collection

Illustration of a custom playing card design featuring a heart with an arrow through it

Signature Round Hearts & Arrows

Greetings perfectionist! You are uncompromising in your eye for detail, relentless in your enjoyment of life's finer things, and you will settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to your diamonds. Brian Gavin Signature Round Hearts & Arrows diamonds are for you.

This is the traditional engagement ring stone, cut to super ideal proportions to reveal the kaleidoscopic magic of the diamond.


Illustration of a custom playing card design - "Fluorescent Diamonds"

Signature Blue ® Fluorescent Diamonds

With Brian Gavin Signature Blue® diamonds, the power of blue fluorescence is in the palm of your hand. Or better yet, on your finger! In normal light, these diamonds sparkle brilliantly, but under UV light (like in a nightclub), they transform into a beacon of blue fluorescence—your secret superpower will emerge.

And when you realize the savings over traditional diamonds, you'll really feel like you rule the world.


Illustration of a custom playing card design - "Cape series"

Signature Cape Series

Every diamond tells a story, but only Brian Gavin Signature Cape diamonds take you to a warmer place where the diamonds shine like the sun. With The Cape Series, you'll make a statement with a larger carat and a color as unique as you.

The Cape Series diamonds, usually set in pink or yellow gold, give you that sought after, one-of-a-kind look that only vintage or antique jewelry can create.


Illustration of a custom playing card design - Princess Cut

Signature Princess Cut

Welcome, your Excellency. We have just the diamond for you—the Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut diamond. Since you've always been one to follow your own path and blaze your own trail, a traditional round diamond just won't cut it.

With its uniform straight edges, The Signature Princess Cut creates an edge-to-edge brilliance and a superior sparkle—light is magnificently reflected throughout the diamond.


Illustration of a custom playing card design - "Twenty Pointers"

Signature 20 Pointers

There is beauty in the small things—an understated elegance. You know that. And we agree. Brian Gavin Diamonds is the only online diamond retailer to offer AGS lab-graded 20-point diamonds, so even our smallest stones are of the highest quality.

These demure diamonds are perfect for earrings and as side stones to larger diamonds. We think they are the cutest of the cuts.


Illustration of a custom playing card design - Hearts and Arrows Signature Cushion

Signature Cushion Hearts & Arrows

Following tradition is important, but we think it's time to break the rules. Won't you join us? If you're an innovator, not an imitator, you'll love our patented interpretation of the classic pillow-cut diamond, the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion diamond with Hearts and Arrows.

Not square, not round, but somewhere beautiful in between, our Signature Cushion diamonds feature a fancy shape that gives off bold, bright flashes of light.

Illustration of a custom playing card design - Black by Brian Gavin

Black by Brian Gavin®

Brian Gavin Diamonds is proud to introduce the most extraordinary diamonds in our collection—
Black by Brian Gavin®.

Born from an obsession that spans five generations, a passion for perfection, and a breakthrough in light performance, these diamonds are the most exquisite diamonds imaginable.

For life's most precious moments.When you know™