“I’ve noticed that my Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds sometimes look dark in sunlight. This concerns me because I thought that I was buying the very best. It seems to me that a diamond with ideal proportions and a higher degree of optical precision should look spectacular in all type of lighting. And the diamond does look truly spectacular in practically every other lighting situation, it even sparkles under fluorescent lighting, and I’m told that’s not supposed to happen. The thing is that I’m really not sure what is going on, because my best friend’s diamond goes dark in sunlight also, and it’s not cut nearly as well. Can you shed some light on this?”

My diamond goes dark in sunlight:

One of the most common concerns that people express about their diamond is “my diamond goes dark in sunlight” and this is something that is going to happen regardless of diamond cut quality.

The primary reason for this is a simple matter of human physiology. While the reality is that diamonds reflect so much light when exposed to sunlight that they practically explode, the pupils of our eyes get smaller in bright light environments. This reduces brightness in the foreground and background of our perceptible vision.

But if you were to step back a bit from your diamond, so that you are not looking at it directly, you would actually see that it is displaying a shower of colorful sparkle and an intense amount of light. Since I rather enjoyed the pun created when you asked “Can you shed some light on this?” I’ll attempt to one-up you by saying that you’re truly being “Blinded by the Light.”

Eye Doctor’s RX: Sit Under a Leafy Tree and Relax:

If I were an eye doctor, I’d write you a prescription to sit under a leafy tree and relax. Because that would enable you to see your diamond in a positive light (hah, another pun!). The effect of the leaves blowing lighting in the wind, would be to filter the light in such a way that you would be able to see your diamond sparkling in it’s full beauty.

The leaves of the tree would provide just enough shade to prevent your pupils from contracting, and you’d be able to see all of the light being reflected by your diamond, and enjoy the broad spectrum sparkle offered by all Brian Gavin Signature diamonds.

For those of you reading this article who might be interested in photographing your diamond engagement ring, the lighting conditions created by a leafy tree and a slight breeze, are some of the most favorable conditions for photographing jewelry. The diamond will reflect a ton of light, but it is filtered just enough not to overload the lens, and there will be tons of sparkle! Feel free to send us your pictures or post them on Facebook! We love to see the creative efforts of our clients!


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