“I really want to buy my girlfriend a one carat diamond engagement ring, and can afford to spend six thousand dollars on the diamond, and have set aside two thousand dollars for a halo setting. I saw the banner for the Brian Gavin Blue diamonds and think that they offer tremendous value, however I’ve read mixed reviews about the effect that strong blue fluorescence can have on diamonds, especially when they are viewed in direct sunlight. Can you take a look at this 1.04 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Blue diamond, and let me know if it exhibits any of the negative traits of a diamond with blue fluorescence?

What is the big deal about blue fluorescence in diamonds?

I’ve read some of the articles that the so called experts have written about the negative effects of blue fluorescence in diamonds, and it causes me to wonder whether they have ever actually seen a diamond with medium to strong blue fluorescence, or if they are merely jumping on the mis-information band wagon that began it’s journey in Korea back in the 1970’s.

Blue fluorescence in diamonds is a natural phenomenon, which many people find quite pretty, including a lot of seasoned diamond professionals who selected diamonds with medium to strong blue, and even very strong blue for the diamonds placed in their diamond rings. A friend of mine shared this photograph with me recently, it is of jelly fish at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium in California exhibiting traits of blue fluorescence when exposed to black light.

The jelly fish in the photograph exhibit different degrees of blue fluorescence, in very much the same way diamonds exhibit different levels of fluorescence when exposed to black light.

While it is true that blue fluorescence can have a negative impact upon the visual properties of a diamond, this occurs in fewer than two percent of gem quality diamonds, according to an in-depth study conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

To ensure that Brian Gavin Blue fluorescent diamonds look their very best, Brian Gavin personally evaluates each one, to make sure that the blue fluorescence is not negatively impacting the visual properties of the diamond; thus you can rest assured that whichever Brian Gavin Blue fluorescent diamond that you purchase, is going to be drop dead gorgeous in all lighting environments.

Blue fluorescent diamonds that are “overblue”:

effect-strong-blue-fluorescence-j-color-diamond-brian-gavin-signature-agsl-104076040014Most of the misconception about the hidden dangers of blue fluorescent diamonds that seems to be rampant in the diamond business, stems from the fear that diamonds exhibiting higher levels of blue fluorescence will appear to be “overblue” when exposed to direct sunlight, or other light sources that contain higher levels of ultra-violet light, and that the diamonds will then appear to be cloudy, or hazy.

Throughout the time I’ve been working in the diamond business, I’ve never seen a diamond with medium to strong blue fluorescence exhibit any negative properties that were due to the fluorescence; and I have only seen a handful of very strong to distinct blue diamonds that were negatively impacted by the presence of blue fluorescence; and I mean the “handful of diamonds” figuratively, not literally.

Thus I personally feel that all the fuss about the potential negative properties of diamonds with blue fluorescence to be a lot of worry about nothing; especially when the positive traits of blue fluorescent diamonds are taken into account.

The reality is that it is quite likely that the strong blue fluorescence in the 1.04 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Blue fluorescent diamond that you are considering, is helping to boost the body color of the diamond a bit, by filtering out some of the faint yellow undertones that are inherent to a J-color diamond; and it’s also helping you to get into a stunning one carat diamond for $6K that is eye clean, and near colorless; the diamond would cost much more without the discount applied to blue fluorescent diamonds by the trade as a result of all this to-do-about-nothing.

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