If you're trying to find the right ring for your leading lady but have no idea what style or setting would fit her best, it may be time to size her up – or at least her hands. When shopping for women with petite or thin fingers, there are a few basic jewelry design ideas to keep in mind:

Petite fingers
To elongate the fingers of a petite woman, an oval or rectangular-shaped diamond, such as an emerald cut, helps lengthen the hand. Delicate or pave settings with elongated center stones are your best bet in case you need to have the ring re-sized. Avoid a tension ring design because the frame is often built to fit the diamond, making it hard to resize later on. The size of the center stone is a personal preference … even a lady with small fingers can wear a three carat stone! If you can't afford a large carat, you can always add side stones to the band to reach the desired weight. You can also add a diamond wedding band for some extra sparkle as well!

"Piano fingers"
Long, thin fingers can typically adorn any type of ring style. Look around at the different diamond cut shapes and select the stone you think best represents your lady to design a custom engagement ring. To break up really long fingers, consider an engagement ring with a large center stone or multiple stones to widen the hand a little. 

Other things to consider
Make sure to inquire as to what type of women's wedding bands will not only look, but fit well with the engagement ring you select. You can create a stacked effect so the engagement ring fits snugly with the wedding band or opt to keep the two separate. The stacked engagement ring and wedding band setting is the most popular way to style the two rings. Although it's not unheard of, it's less likely for a woman to wear her engagement ring on her right hand and wedding band on the respective finger. If you're worried that you'll have a difficult time finding a band to match the ring later on, consult your jeweler to see if they can create a custom wedding band and buy the two rings together. According to Diamond Information Center, buying the engagement ring and wedding band in bulk can save you as much as 50 percent of the amount you would pay if you buy the rings separate. 

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