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I highly recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds if you’re in the market for a hearts and arrows ideal cut diamond.
About AGS and GIA Graded Diamonds
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Almost any diamond will look impressive under the bright spotlights of a jewelry store, but a rare few have the unique combination of precise cut, shape, and angles to hold their brilliance in more natural lighting situations. Beyond the basic “4 Cs” (carat, color, clarity, cut/shape) used to determine a diamond’s overall quality, there is another level of excellence that involves the symmetry and reflective quality of a diamond’s cut, and potentially enhances all of the 4 Cs. This reflective quality determines how well a diamond “performs,” in other words, how well it reflects light under all lighting conditions and situations.

About Brian Gavin Diamonds
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On our Web site, you’ll find loose diamonds and diamond jewelry set with the finest performing diamonds available in the world, as well as information for your personal diamond education. Our diamonds are certified by both the AGS (American Gem Society) and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), organizations known for their strict grading standards. Whether personally designed and overseen by master cutter, Brian Gavin, for his Signature Line, or hand-selected by Brian from trusted suppliers for his Select Line, our diamonds offer you a range of choices for your needs. Our diamonds are separated roughly into two main categories:
Brian Gavin Signature and Online Inventory.

What Makes Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds Special
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For the discriminating buyer seeking the finest cut and polished diamonds available, Brian Gavin Signature diamonds exceed all expectations. Each displays a unique brilliance and fire that reveals the distinct beauty and personality of the stone, and gives voice to the inner essence of the diamond through its contrast, brightness and scintillation.

Brian Gavin Signature diamonds go beyond the ideal diamond standard in terms of consistency, precision and cutting design to achieve the level of “super ideal” in visual balance and performance under any lighting condition. These signature diamonds are skillfully shaped to ideal mathematical proportions, using a complex formula in which every facet is placed at the precise angle to create the perfect balance between maximum brilliance (return of light to the eye) and the optimum scattering of light, or "fire" (this is the prism effect that separates white light into its spectral colors). Over the past 12 years, Gavin has produced more than 12,500 of these super ideal diamonds. Today they are prized and widely appreciated around the world for their outstanding beauty.

Our Virtual Inventory
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Brian also carefully analyzes and selects diamonds from a variety of local and international suppliers to offer to our customers. These select stones have been cut with excellent precision and come from “conflict free” areas of the world (areas where the local population isn’t exploited in the mining of the stones). Diamonds and jewelry that meet Brian’s strict “Select” quality standards exhibit outstanding cut, color and clarity, as demonstrated by their light performance. And, for the diamond buyer, they represent the optimum balance between performance and value.

Lifetime Upgrade
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With the purchase of Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows certified diamonds, we offer a unique Lifetime Upgrade Policy. This enables you to apply the value of your current Brian Gavin Signature diamond toward a new purchase. You can apply the original purchase price (less shipping) towards your upgrade and simply pay the difference.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Customer Reviews

Average Customer Ratings

4.99 70 Reviews

Latest Review
5 5
2.08400 J VS1 Signature Blue (CBLAGS-104101871013) By on November 18, 2018 Beautiful and I live the luminescence

70 Customer Reviews

5 5
1.22400 J VS2 Signature Blue (BLAGS-104102020048)
By on October 19, 2018 As Beautiful as described.
5 5
1.01800 M VS2 Signature Blue (EBLAGS-104096330014)
By on January 04, 2018 The best I have ever seen, high value at a reasonable price, unlike brands, this offers everything and far beyond.
5 5
0.99700 I VS2 Signature Blue (BLAGS-104093735048)
By on January 03, 2018 Diamond is gorgeous!! I was skeptical about the size, but the cut is magnificent and well worth it. This is not a small diamond by any means, most importantly looks amazing on finance's finger. Thank you Brain Gavin!!
5 5
1.62000 I VVS2 Others (85714702)
By on January 02, 2018 Looks amazing. Fiance loves it. No issues.
5 5
1.19000 I SI1 Signature Blue (BLAGS-104096323028)
By on December 25, 2017 even the appraiser said this is an excellence stone with nothing to really pick on.
5 5
0.73100 E SI1 Signature Blue (BLAGS-104095241021)
By on December 17, 2017 Excellent value for money, and it's a very very bright and sparkly diamond
5 5
1.11000 J VS2 Signature Blue (BLAGS-104096323015)
By on December 17, 2017 Excellent value for money, and it's a very very bright and sparkly diamond.
5 5
1.20000 H VVS1 Others (86370199)
By on October 23, 2017 Diamond was high quality and what was to be expected
5 5
1.19400 G VVS2 Signature Blue (BLAGS-104090533003)
By on October 21, 2017 I cannot say enough wonderful things about this diamond! It's so overwhelming beautiful and gorgeous! It exceeded my wildest expectations and cannot get over how perfect it is! It's almost 1.2 carats, however it seems much bigger because the cut quality reflects more light than a 2 carat diamond shaped somewhere else. No joke at all, the light return on this diamond is WAY more than you think. Fun fact, we were at a wedding and one of the bridesmaids noticed the reflection of my fiancè's sparkly diamond from well over 100 feet away. It was a outside wedding, but again the light return on this cut is almost blinding. So worth the money I paid for it, and I'm glad I went with Brian Gavin because I feel like anything else would just not be good enough. This diamond has given me zero regrets and I'm so happy that I went with Brian Gavin Diamonds.

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