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Special Offers on Natural Diamonds - Learn More
Special Offers on Natural Diamonds - Learn More
Wonderful Reactions to the New Website!!

Wonderful Reactions to the New Website!!

The reactions to the launch of the website have been absolutely fantastic So many people have written and called in …following are excerpts from some of the e-mails we have received in the past 48 hours…
  • I am an old Pricescoper and even though I am not posting, I have watched your business flourish and it has been thrilling to see you obtain the accolades and praise from the members who know you both so well. Every one holds you with the highest respect and esteem. Your character and skill is second to none I write to tell you the new site is stunning and showcases your work with vivid detail. Each photo in your image gallery is such a delight to discover. The magnify tool is fabulous and allows one to appreciate the intricacy of your detail better than any other. The craftsmanship is simply beyond my expectations. I can't wait until I am ready to find a replacement for my lost stone. It will surely be a BG original…in creation of the cut…to the design of the setting. Again, couldn't be more impressed…so please…ratchet it down a notch…I need to know you all are mortals… Emerald Cut and Baguette Custom Platinum Ring
  • The website looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I love the colors- all the right things pop and they don't overwhelm. I loooove the special offers page pull down-that's a great touch!!! I love how everything keeps you on the main page so it's easy to navigate from each tab and go back. All the pictures make you want to drool!! Brian is truly an artistic God in my book! 🙂 They're uber artistic and still show everything in great detail which will make it easier for people to tell you what they want because you can see everything from all angles. Everything is verrrrrry easy to navigate. I like how you can click on the question mark by each category in the diamond search in case you don't know what you're looking at. The YouTube videos are an awesome touch as well. This is definitely not like any other site I've ever seen! All in all- IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!! You guys have done an amazing job!!!! 🙂 I'm so proud of you!!! It definitely reflects your styles and personality! Platinum Hand Made Diamonds By The Yard Earrings
  • It really is a work of much love and dedication and forethought Everyone will be in AWE! Truly fabulous. Just wow. There were certain aspects, images and features that just had me pausing and staring in awe. Revolving menu thing at bottom of earring page is FABULOUS. And you can click on them. Really cool beans. The IMAGE gallery is to die for.
  • Hello Lesley and congrats to you and Brian on your new website! It's pretty impressive!
  • The website is up and running! It looks great!! You guys did a great job 🙂 Congratulations.
  • Congrats on going live…I know it has been a long time coming and I am so happy for you guys 🙂
  • I saw the new website first thing this morning. Exciting stuff! It looks very good, well thought out, neat and polished. Custom Platinum "Serendipity" Ring
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