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Bexim and Cheyne with Their "Blessing" Engagement Ring

U.K. Customer Thrilled with her Brian Gavin Tapered Tiffany Style Half Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring…

In February, a customer from the U.K. contacted us interested in purchasing a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond to create her "Blessing Engagement Ring". She worked with Jamie and spoke with Brian to get past her concerns of purchasing a diamond with an SI2 clarity grading. Brian assured her that the diamond was clean and an excellent performer. She decided to have us set it into our popular Tapered Tiffany Style Half Round in 18K white gold. We shipped the finished ring via FedEx Priority International and we received the following fabulous e-mail and pictures from our VERY satisfied customer.

Dear Jamie, Brian and Lesley!

Thank you so much for creating our beautiful engagement ring! Though we prefer to think of it as a 'Blessing ring'. We did not have an engagement ring first time around because she was the one who did the proposing! Now we have been married for 12 years and are planning to have our marriage blessed this year. We decided we would love to have a diamond 'Blessing ring'. We are still totally in love with the ring and we still cannot stop looking at it, photographing it, cleaning it, gazing into it etc… Whenever it catches my eye (all the time) it still gives me a surge of happiness and satisfaction and I love it more every day. We've included lots of photos with this email! I love the way that, when it catches the light, lots of little flashes of colour twinkle on it – I especially love the blue, violet and indigo lights which twinkle on it all the time. The moment that I received it and first looked upon it I instantly saw the arrows. My first thoughts were how amazingly white it was, how clear and how much easier to see the arrows than I had expected. They weren't dark as they are in photographs – but scintillating silver against brilliant white. When the sun shines on it tiny lights are reflected all over the ceiling. Even in the dark it sparkles like crazy! I had expected to be able to see the inclusions when I got to know my ring, but no matter how hard I have tried, in even the brightest of sunlight, I cannot see even the tiniest inclusion. The diamond appears perfectly clear and flawless to my eyes, which I find amazing considering that it is an Si2. I would never have had the faith to buy this diamond from anyone other than Brian Gavin and I think it is a testament to his superior cutting talent. The diamond never stops flashing and sparkling. I can barely see the edges of it because it is so dimensional in its brilliance – it looks like a sparkling cloud or cushion – I can never really see the outside surface because of all the inside twinkles. I had expected the brilliance to lessen after the 'polish' of a new ring wore off but it looks even shinier and more brilliant today than ever. It has never dulled and looks brand new every day. It is much larger than I had expected. How can 1.11 carat look so big? We also adore the elegant simplicity and craftsmanship of the white gold tapered-tiffany setting. It is so cold and delicate and sturdy. I often take it off just to hold it and look upon it. I marvel at how delicate, and yet how striking it is. We love this ring. It is perfect. We think it one of a kind. It has brought us love and joy and will be a treasure to us forever. We hope to pass it on to the next generation one day. Thank you so much for your hard work and all your help in putting together a ring which we love so much. Kind regards, Bexim & Cheyne.

Below are some of the wonderful pictures that were e-mailed to us as well as some professional Brian Gavin Glamor Shots:

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