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March Diamond Madness is Here
March Diamond Madness is Here
The Beginning Of A Family Heirloom

The Beginning Of A Family Heirloom

We always appreciate hearing from our customers; however, this fabulous review truly brought us joy!

Hi Emily and Lesley,

Sharing with you the gift for myself for completing my master's program. I wanted to have a remembrance because I am the first generation to get a degree in America in my family. The diamond is very, very sparkly. Now, I can pass this ring as an heirloom to the next generations.

Catherine purchased a 0.824 G VS Black by Brian Gavin set in a platinum Milgrain Halo Ring.

We reached out to Catherine to thank her, and she emailed us this additional touching note.

My daughter, Sophia, and my husband, Lemuel, were with me to support me throughout the process of my academic journey. The Black by Brian Gavin ring is exemplary shiny and glamorous. I will pass on my Black by Brian Gavin ring to Sophia as an heirloom. Black by Brian Gavin captured that special moment and is meant to be shared with my future generations, a keepsake of how hard work and perseverance shine like a diamond and exudes an infinite beauty.

Thank you Catherine for your thoughtful words and congratulations on your achievements!

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