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The Art of Silver: Kelim Launches at Brian Gavin Diamonds

The Art of Silver: Kelim Launches at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Who doesn't love a great silver lining? Life is filled with beauty and so is our new matte silver collection. We're excited to announce Brian Gavin Diamonds now carries Kelim, a timeless sterling silver collection reminding us of nature's magnificence.

Crafted with clean lines and unique details, the Kelim brand is the creation of Meral and Halil Sartekin. The story behind the stunning silver collection dates back to the roots of the Sartekins' past. Born in rural Turkey, Meral moved to Switzerland for school and married Halil. The two embarked on a new journey and began a life of jewelry design together.

Using silver as their canvas, the couple draws inspiration from kilims, the ornate, tapestry-woven rugs and textiles of Turkey, and the idyllic natural surroundings of Switzerland. "Kelim means the warmth of something handmade," Meral says.

When looking at the curvature and attention put into the Kelim jewelry collection, one can immediately tell that Meral and Halil have a knack for finding beauty within the environment. Fueled by our own ecosystem, the collection features pieces that emulate nature's flowers, water, leaves and fields.

The Kelim collection brings an exceptional element to Brian Gavin Diamonds with its modern-yet-traditional ubiquity. Elegant and versatile, the handcrafted pieces can be worn with laid-back jeans or a smashing cocktail dress.

We adore the entire collection, but here are a few of our favorite items:

Forget Me Not Earrings
Kelim Forget Me Not Earrings

Playful and exquisite, the Forget Me Not Earrings exude sweet femininity. The three flowers are dainty and demure for everyday wear.

Kelim Leaf Bracelet
Kelim Leaf Bracelet

Cuffs are having their shining moment in the fashion world. Our Kelim Leaf Bracelet gives off an air of exotic chicness to enhance any look.

Kelim Falling Water
Kelim Falling Water Necklace

Pure elegance in motion, the Falling Water Necklace visualizes the beauty of raindrops —something we hardly take the time to admire. The bold statement piece creates an illusion of oscillation that is both fashionable and captivating.

Kelim Box-in-Box Cufflinks

Opposites attract with these classic yet modern Box in Box Cufflinks. The juxtaposition of structure and freedom make the cufflinks a sophisticated addition to any shirt.

If you're looking to find your silver lining, we know just where to start. Discover more enchanting Kelim pieces on our website and comment with your favorites.

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