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March Diamond Madness is Here
March Diamond Madness is Here
Dustin and Summer Brian Gavin Diamonds Sapphire Ring

Summer and Dustin's Quest for the Perfect Sapphire Engagement Ring

If you're thinking of signing up for a dating app, our latest customer story is ammunition to fuel your decision. After connecting on a popular dating app in January 2016, Summer and Dustin finally met.

Dustin and Summer Brian Gavin Diamonds Sapphire Ring

Dustin and Summer had been living across the street from each other for two years but it took a little technology for them to make a connection. After a quick text exchange, Summer and Dustin arranged a date at a coffee shop on a cold January day. "The conversation flowed making the date go so quickly that it led to a second date the very next day," Summer described. "The second date led to several more dates, which led to falling in love and an eventual proposal."

Their relationship blossomed and it was not long afterward that Dustin spent extensive time researching different ways to propose. Brian Gavin Diamonds was the first thing that came to Dustin's mind after his brother recommended us. "I was hesitant as Summer and I lived in Dallas and Brian Gavin Diamonds appeared to specialize in diamonds in Houston. After several visits to many reputable and recommended Dallas jewelers, we still were unable to find anyone capable of creating what we wanted," Dustin admitted.

Dustin was in search of a sapphire engagement ring, set in a diamond halo. "As soon as I had my first call with Brian Gavin and I mentioned 'untreatable sapphire,' Brian knew immediately what I wanted," Dustin said. We were honored to learn than Dustin felt we were "steps beyond the other jewelers available" throughout his search for the perfect ring.

After being connected to our team, fate stepped in to lead Dustin to a specific untreated sapphire that was on its way to a gem show in Hong Kong—it just so happened that Brian would be attending the very same show. He ensured that he would inspect the stone up close for Dustin to see if it was truly the perfect one. "The anticipation of waiting to find out if we received the stone was exciting. Heather was great to work with and provided regular updates, but the message from Heather with iPhone photos of the stone made the entire process very exciting."

While Brian helped in finding the Sapphire, Dustin focused on planning the perfect proposal. Dustin left love letters for Summer to lead her to the Marie Gabrielle Gardens. "When I arrived at Marie Gabrielle there was another note tied to a pole with another scripture," she mused. The scripture read, "I always say I want someone I can just sit on a bench and do nothing with." Summer took the hint, sat on the bench and waited. Shortly after, Dustin walked down a long pathway toward her to pop the question.

Summer and Dustin both adored their new ring. "Words cannot even express the beauty of the ring. We had a vision of the ring and had been involved in the process from the initial design to selecting the sapphire stone to the final design around the stone, but the final piece exceeded all expectations," they shared.

Dustin and Summer Brian Gavin Diamonds Sapphire Ring Dustin and Summer Brian Gavin Diamonds Sapphire Ring

Dustin's stone is a Natural Vivid Blue Sapphire, in an 18K white gold custom setting. If you're inspired by Dustin and Summer's vision, you can create your own custom ring here. Make it complete with our Custom Pave Wedding Anniversary Bands for your big day.

Dustin and Summer Brian Gavin Diamonds Proposal Wedding Band Dustin and Summer Brian Gavin Diamonds Proposal

"Brian Gavin not only made our dream a reality, he actually improved upon our dream to create a truly beautiful ring. We would recommend Brian Gavin for all jewelry needs, but especially if you want something unique that stands out – he can make it happen! The process of making the ring a reality is part of the story for us and we both smile whenever someone compliments us on the ring, as we know the story of creating the ring with Brian Gavin to represent our love and the next chapter of our lives." See more timeless jewels at

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