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NATURAL: Curated Signature Diamond Collection Starting at 14% Off | LAB: Premium Diamond Collection Up to 30% Off
Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year

Magazines and blogs predict that the 2015 wedding trends will be focused on individualism; brides will be creating ceremonies and receptions that showcase their own preferences and display their unique, special relationship with their spouse. Versus seeing the same flowers, cake displays or repeating style of bridesmaid dresses throughout the year, we expect to see weddings that are beautiful, elegant and magical, while also featuring the distinct tastes and preferences of each couple, similar to the customization that has set Brian Gavin Diamond apart for years.

We expect each detail, down to the napkins, invitations, drink choices, musical preferences, and engagement rings, to reflect this trend of individuality. Setting the standard of excellence in the diamond industry, Brian Gavin Diamonds is excited to see what soon-to-be brides and grooms come up with this year for their custom diamond engagement rings. The ring customization process starts on Brian Gavin Diamonds' website by allowing customers to choose from a wide selection of band settings, then presents them with an array of stones that best fits their preferences and budgets, or allows them to create something completely from scratch.

Some of our favorite designs ranging from a more simple, traditional, styles to modern flairs, perfect for the 2015 bride, include the Grace Solitaire setting, the traditional six prong solitaire in 14K yellow gold, the Stephanie with pave and side stones, the Carisa in rose gold, the Peggy with a trellis head, and the Elegance in rose gold.

NYE Rings

The clean lines of the magnificent Grace Solitaire engagement ring allow the diamond to really sparkle. This band is a perfect match with Brian Gavin Diamonds' Signature Hearts and Arrows diamonds; its flawless cut will allow the diamond to sparkle in any light. The Grace Solitaire stacks well with rose gold and yellow gold diamond wedding bands for a unique, but simple bridal look.

Brian Gavin Diamonds' traditional six prong solitaire setting is perfect for those brides seeking style, sparkle, and a ring that they can "do anything" in. A six-prong setting is sturdier and best for brides who may be rougher on their jewelry. Additionally, a six-prong ring on a round diamond enables the diamond to look rounder and bigger when viewed from a distance. The less-traditional yellow gold adds a classic softness and the color contrast allows the diamond to truly pop.

The custom full eternity band with heart design, dubbed "The Stephanie," features fifteen .25ct melee diamonds to offer a magnificent sparkle from any angle. The custom heart design along the band is a beautiful addition to remind your bride that she has your full heart for eternity.

The Carisa is a custom twist diamond engagement ring with Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows melee diamonds in 14K rose gold. The modern, twisted look speaks to the lasting connection the ring symbolizes. The Carisa's vintage rose gold is perfect for the romantic bride, looking for something a bit more off the beaten path than what her friends wear.

The cathedral style setting of The Peggy is an elegant and classic ring that is inspired by the beauty and charm of a traditional cathedral, bearing slight arches to frame the gem. The trellis head offers additional security and features fourteen Brian Gavin Signature diamond melee diamonds around the band. This elegant ring is perfect for the traditionalist.

The rose gold solitaire Elegance ring features a flowing cathedral style with a customizable 4-prong head with claw prongs. The four-prong setting, with limited metal coverage, allows more light to enter the diamond and enables our flawless Brian Gavin Signature diamonds to perform at their best. This simple 18K rose gold band and simple setting allows the diamond to sparkle on its own.

Whichever ring you choose for your 2015 bride is sure to be perfect, as long as it is full of love. We look forward to helping you find the perfect match to ring in this new year.

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