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NATURAL: Curated Signature Diamond Collection Starting at 14% Off | LAB: Premium Diamond Collection Up to 30% Off
Another Shot of the Happy Couple

Nothing else I saw online or in person was comparable. BGD Signature "Blue" Diamonds rock...

Jonathan called in to inquire about our Brian Gavin Signature "Blue" diamonds. His family was in town and he wanted them to come in and take a look at a diamond for him. His sister and her husband met with Brian and spent time learning about the diamonds and then saw his diamond. They loved it! We set it in our 4 prong solitaire and received the following wonderful testimonial from Jonathan yesterday…

Hello Jamie and BG Team, things have finally settled down some and I wanted to pass on the story and a few pictures of the event. Thanks for the push to get the ring out on time, it kept me from rescheduling the whole shebang. Whew!

First a little history… Alanna and I met back in high school in Colorado, we reconnected after our 18 (20yr. reunion). Within a few days I knew there was something special about this girl. Everything. To make this happen I started by asking probing questions, did she want a ring, if so did she want a stone, what kind? She is really easy to please but she has had the good fortune to be surrounded by beautiful local craftspeople and her parents made the effort to pick out or have designed really unique jewelry for her for all the significant milestones in their daughter's life. Mostly rings but all unique, simple yet beautiful (just like her:) designs given to her on birthdays and graduations that she cherishes and still wears daily. She was not set on a diamond, honestly I could have tied a string around her finger and she would have been happy, but I wanted her to be ecstatic!! We looked at old mine cushions, princess, asschers but she kept coming back to the RB. Classic, 57 (or 58) cuts mirroring or passing light thru little windows.

I wanted to propose this Spring so we could get started planning the wedding party, we have a lot on our plate so like everything in life, timing is everything. So 3 months ago, I start reading everything I could find about diamonds, origins, processing, cutting and grading. I have an uncle with a wholesalers license and he hit the back doors of Intergem to check out some prices for reference and I narrow my scope down to a few online retailers. I am excited but nervous, it's a big spend for me, 2 years of saving. I found some great possible stones but due to churn most are gone now that I have the funds, prices are on the rise and the particular stone I am searching for is hard to find. I want the biggest medium to v. strong fluorescent stone in a j-l color. It must be a GIA ex/ex/ex or AGS 000 cut. I will sacrifice on the setting but not on the stone. After daily checks on the websites for months, BG lists a 1.51 beauty; I immediately call and ask some questions. It goes on hold, I get excited. Fortune smiles again when my sister and her husband change their plans and Brian makes a special trip to meet with them to show them the stone the very next day. It is an L color so I wanted to have real eyes on it to compare it to a J of similar grade. My sister loves it and her comments erase all worry. It is set in a basic 4 prong solitaire and Brian follows up with a call to address a few last questions. I feel the tension ease. Finally!

Now onto the next part. Originally, I had planned to propose out in Colorado but work and other life constraints would not allow us to get away for a long weekend so I start making some calls and sending emails. I have 2 places in mind, we both LOVE food, good food when prepared or shared with those you love is one of life's treasures. My number one venue not only welcomes the idea but embraces it and I feel a bit more tension slip away. This fallback plan needs a few more elements to make it more memorable. I hit the crafts store and pick up some porcelain paint and then get a few white dinner plates. Back home when I am alone I spend a few hours crafting the dessert plate design. It takes a few tries and I prepare two to be baked, the extra is there just in-case one cracks or is ruined in the oven. The venue is a super cozy, family owned 50's style cafe in Raleigh NC. Hayes Barton Cafe. They serve elegant but simplistic diner food in a romantic setting. I have been going here for years and after her first trip she too was hooked! They have a dessert selection that is unparalleled. Dates are set but due to engraving the ring is a few days delayed. The BG Team makes a real effort to get it photographed and out the very same day. When the big day arrives I am SO nervous. Because it is a place we do frequent she is caught unaware but after dinner the awesome staff brings out the cues, a small photo of us, our dessert on the plate I made and I pull out the ring. Quietly I remind her how special she is to me and ask her to stick around for eternity, I drop down to a knee and ask for her hand. Our server recorded a video on my camera, although the quality was only ok, the event was captured. What a special night, I am a lucky man. Thank you!! Jonathan

PS: I posted up some pics on pricescope and a few other blogs, I got lots of comments and a bunch of emails about BGD diamonds. I passed on my experience, I'm sure a few folks called you up (your shinking inventory looks like it:) I hope so, because you guys are great!!

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