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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Kelly's Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut

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  • Dear Jamie, I got the ring today. Love, our FedEx person, brought it to me as expected. I told him he didn't know how happy he was making me with this delivery. I looked at your and Lesley's business cards. It looks like my ring appears on both. Is it? Do you do that for all your customers? Or is that because Brian is exceptionally proud of his work this time? No matter. He should be proud. The stones–all of them–are brilliant white with exceptional fire. Gayle first noticed the hearts and arrows in one of the glamour shots. Since we have a jeweler's lamp at home, I looked at it under that. The side diamonds look like lovely, delicate flowers. I've been wearing it all day, and keep looking at it just like Gayle said I would. The surprise stones look great too. I'm glad they figured out how to get them in there. Next, I'll get the appraisal so I can insure my new purchase. A while back, Gayle gave me a diamonds by the yard bracelet. (There's no better BFF on earth!) I think I'll eventually send you my ten point studs so you can turn them into a matching necklace. Please thank Brian for bringing my design ideas to fruition. I'll be sure to tell anyone who asks exactly where I got my ring. Kelly D.
  • Jamie, I wanted to thank you, and Lesley, for getting the ring out on time – it was great. The ring is beautiful and we both love it. We will be getting married in december and we plan on having our wedding bands made by you guys over the next few months, as we are really pleased with your work and the service you provided. I will make sure we have plenty of time (2+ months) to get the rings done so that there will really not be a rush this time. We will probably start working on that process and get our design requests to you at the end of September. We're looking at a matching/complementary band for her ring and probably a platinum band for me, possibly with some square-cut diamonds set in somehow. Thanks again – I really appreciate everything you and the ring was beautiful! Kyle C.
  • Lesley and Brian, Just wanted to thank you for making such a beautiful ring. The Truth head with the Micro pave shank go so well together, and the diamond just stands out so much, with a lot of sparkle and fire. In certain lighting it is just amazing how much light comes off the stone. I presented the ring to my fiancee over the weekend and she just loves it. She said all the little details were perfect, and everything comes together in such a simple and classy way. She promised to wear it forever. Thank you for all your time and a wonderful job. Fred C. P.S. Thank Jamie for working with me and making sure everything fell into place. I'll let her know if I have any other future projects.
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