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Up To 25% Off Lab Diamonds - Learn More
Garrick's Magnificent 1.30 G VS2 Brian Gavin Signature H & A Diamond

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Orders for beautiful engagement rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants keep coming in here at BGD. Here are more testimonials from some of of our satisfied customers.

  • Lesley, Words can't not explain how excited I am to have my beautiful Novela. My ring is a sparkling beauty. I just can't stop staring at it. I was the one who picked the package up from FedEx. As soon as I got in the car and locked the door, I immediately opened the box. My eyes smiled with joy when I saw it. I promised Courtney, that I would not wear it before he had the opportunity to properly place it on my finger. Many thanks to you and Gavin for making me one of the happiest girls on the planet. Best regards, Natanya
  • OMG! I am in LOVE. Lesley! It looks so delicate and HUGE at the same time!!! I was worried about the warmth of the stone with the RG, but I'm stunned, its simply fantastic… I can not wait to see it in person tomorrow! You guys work magic 😉 Megan
  • Dear Lesley, Guess who, as of Friday, also became a "bezel lady?" WOW the pendant is beautiful. I worried about it being too bulky and big, but it is so perfect in every way. I truly love it! Brian did an amazing job on the recut and my 2 carat stone sparkles to no end. The bezel is delicate and dainty and just what I was after. You know, I will wear it every day. You two have been the best and I appreciate most of all, your outstanding craftsmanship, patience and truly delightful personalities! Thanks again….thinking next, about bezel earrings….hmmmm? I'll be in touch and so will Adam…eventually! Virginia
  • Hi Lesley, I finally picked up my jewel – it is even more stunning than the pictures. I've been staring at it all day. The setting looks brand new. You and Brian made me the happiest girl today 🙂 I definitely will tell all my friends/family about this place. Thank you again for all your help. Take care and I'll definitely be back. Sincerely, Megan
  • Hey Lesley, I have picked up the package today. Even thou I already know the design of the bracelet and how it'd look, I still couldn't help but "wowed" seeing it in person. I'm very happy with the reconfiguration, and it turned out beyond what I had pictured in mind, it is just so lovely =) Thank both you and Brian for the time and efforts spent with me to fulfill my "picky" requests, and I will be sure to share my great BGD experience with everyone on pricescope. hugs, frances
  • Hi Lesley, Just dropping you a note to let you know that I received the ring today. This being by far the most expensive thing I have ever purchased online in my life, I was undoubtedly scared at first. But after reading countless praises over at Pricescope, as well as both you and Brian taking the time to explain everything to me, I was in the end put at ease. Seeing previous examples of your work done for other people, I had pretty high expectations. And I must say the moment I opened the box I was totally blown away. I literally sat there playing with it for 20 minutes admiring the ridiculous amount of sparkle your diamond gives off. Thanks again for everything. Garrick
  • Hi Lesley! Picked up the ring and it's gorgeous! Thank you so much! Amy loves it. She said it's everything she wanted and more. It's been a genuine pleasure working with you. We will definitely refer or friends and family to you in the future. Thanks again for all your help! Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Sincerely, Louis
  • My fiance can't stop staring at her ring. Brian and Lesley you two are amazing, thank you for working with me and helping me find something that my future wife would love. Jermaine
  • Hello Lesley, I picked up the ring today from the FedEx shipping center and everything looks great. The ring is fantastic and I know my girlfriend will love it. It will be on her hand in exactly two weeks! She will be visiting me during her spring break and I have planned a hike in the mountains near Tucson, Arizona. I plan to pop the question at sunset after the hike is over. It will also be her birthday that day so she is in for a great birthday SURPRISE! I can't wait to give her the ring. I will let you know how things turn out. The glamour shots of the ring are very nice as well, thanks for those. James
  • Hi Lesley. Sorry for the delay in responding —I've been unbelievably busy with work and travel. I wanted to again thank Brian and you for the fantastic creation which exceeded by expectations. I look forward to doing further business with BGD. I've already touted you on Pricescope and will definitely refer my friends in the future. Thanks again! Michelle
  • I have to say i absolutely love my new huggies earrings. I received it yesterday and it is breathtaking!!! The cut of the diamonds is incredibly sparkly!!! You can't go wrong with BRIAN GAVIN SIGNATURE H&A Diamonds they are so gorgeous! I put them on right away and can't stop looking in the mirror and smiling. I just wanted to take a moment to THANKS their team, especially to LESLEY and BRIAN for making these beautiful earrings, how impressed I am with your service, effort, and your honesty and the quality of your finish products. I would recommend you guys to all our friends and i look forward to future transactions. Thank you very much! Merline
  • Lesley and Jamie, We love the band. It's perfect in every way. Thanks so much !!! Monica
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