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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
Brian Gavin's 6 Prong Fishtail Pave and Matching Band

Loyal Customer Raves About Brian Gavin Diamonds… I'd Follow You to the Moon if That’s Where You Went…

A very loyal customer recently sent her diamond engagement ring in for a reset and we just received this wonderful e-mail from her:

Hi Lesley, I received my rings last week right before Thanksgiving weekend. Perfect timing! I love the reset into the new setting w/ wedding band. I think the way the fishtail pave looks itself gives all the melees even more sparkle. And the craftsmanship is AMAZING. Not a single prong on my full eternity wedding band or engagement ring snags any of my clothing. And thank you so much for the new blankee. I almost want to use it myself instead of letting my son use it. It really is quality material.

The business you run and the service is like none other. I'd follow you to the moon if that's where you went. I have tried to apply your same energy, attitude, and warmth to my clients in my business. I am in the financial industry and help clients with financial planning and insurance needs. I talk to clients day in and day out since 1997. But not until I encountered you and your service over the last few years have I really given some serious thought to why people on the forum love you and are so loyal to you and your company.

I find myself sometimes just getting into the daily grind of things and forget that extraordinary customer service is what keeps clients and the referrals coming. In other words, why you are so successful. And even though you and Brian started over with BGD (when any others would have thought it seems so difficult to start from scratch again), because of that special element you have that is so personable, there's no other way but to really take off with flying colors.

I have a lot to learn, and its funny how one learns the lesson in odd little places. Some things I love about BGD:

  1. You, Lesley Harris.
  2. You & how you remember little personal details I mention throughout the years. It doesn't matter whether you remember by memory or you jotted it down in the memo, but it's special.
  3. The thought you put into everything, not limited to but including the polka dot baby blanket I received for my precious son, which started the BGD Signature Blankee.
  4. The picture of Brian saying "THANKS for the support" that comes along with the package.
  5. How it's stated so honestly on social networking that you want us to help spread the word of BGD, so in return we may win a BGD signature Tit. rose pin. Love it! Because I won one!
  6. The amazing detail that goes into each piece created. Where one can tell detail was a priority.
  7. All the little extras, like the white gloves, high quality ring/jewelry box. 🙂

Thank you all for making this experience such a pleasurable one. May each and everyone at BGD have a wonderful holiday season! Lots of good wishes sent your way, Ying

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