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Up To 25% Off Lab Diamonds - Learn More
Brian Gavin Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Half Eternity Band

Loyal Australian Customer Selects Brian Gavin to Create her Special Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Band...

Steph has been our customer and a loyal supporter for many years. When her father passed away in Australia a few months ago, he left her some money. His instructions were to spend it on something just for her that she would love.

We created a Custom Platinum Open Basket Band featuring 3 x .08ct F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature H&A diamond melee and 4 x 2.8mm Genuine Blue AAA Quality Diamond Cut Sapphires. We engraved DOD inside the band (Dear Ole Dad) which is what she always called him! She was thrilled when she received it!

Dear Jamie, Lesley and Brian, Now that I have by beautiful ring on my hand, I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for helping create this very special piece. As I told Jamie, my dod (dear ole Dad) passed away a few months ago. Shortly after he died, my Mum told us that Dad had left me some money with strict instructions to spend it on something special that would make me happy. I have had my heart set on a diamond and sapphire band for ages, and I knew right away that it would make the perfect gift to me from my dod. The ring is just spectacular; the way it sparkles takes my breath away. I will wear it with love and remember a special father, who is loved and missed everyday. Thank you so much for helping create such a special piece for me to remember my Dad by and I will cherish it always. Thanks again, Steph

CAD Video, Pictures of Steph's new band and her Dod below:

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