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Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
Memorial Day Weekend Event - 15% Off Wedding Bands
A Love Meant To Be: Andrew And Emily

A Love Meant To Be: Andrew And Emily

Andrew and Emily's story began when these two lovebirds met through an internship at their church. The early days of their relationship were straight out of a modern-day fairy tale. They started off as friends, but, as time went by, they started spending more time together at and outside of work.

For the sake of their incredible friendship, the couple initially put their feelings aside, but as they grew closer, it became hard to deny the chemistry that crackled between them. Everything changed on an unforgettable ski trip to Breckenridge, CO, as Andrew realized he would regret not asking out the girl of his dreams!

The couple's first few months of dating were challenging due to their long-distance relationship. They made it work by creating a series of "destination dates" wherein they met for a long weekend in different cities. For Andrew, this chapter of their lives gave him the inspiration he needed to plan a beautiful proposal: they would relive their past adventures while creating new ones.

To pop the question, Andrew planned a date for Emily over New Year's Day. Spanning two days, the couple would make 10 special stops, and Andrew crafted a letter for Emily to read at each location. Knowing his future fiancée might catch on to his plan, Andrew attempted to throw Emily off by telling her he wouldn't have a ring in time and that it would be the last time they could go out for a while since he had to prepare for his CPA exam.

It worked! Emily had no idea it would be the day she always remembered.

With the help of Emily's family, Andrew's future fiancé started off her morning by "running an errand" to the church, only to find her first letter waiting. It explained she was about to embark on a walk down memory lane, reliving some of their best times together.

The next stop was a lake house where the couple had their first conversation and the start of their friendship. Upon arrival, Andrew surprised her with a romantic dinner, and the two talked for hours.

Before ending their night, Andrew took Emily to Mozart's Coffee Roasters, the site of their first date. There, she found a letter with a quiz about the order and location of their first five dates – their "destination dates" when they lived in different cities. Once Emily filled it out, Andrew sent her a text with a picture: two plane tickets to Denver, Emily's favorite city and where Andrew knew Emily was The One.

Tickets in hand, the couple raced home to pack everything up for our early flight the next morning, just in time for New Years, Emily's favorite holiday.

When the couple arrived in Denver, they spent their day at some of Emily's favorite places before heading to Breckenridge for the final surprise. The couple ended their day with a walk around Blue River Plaza, a beautifully lit area of Breckenridge, where Andrew read the final letter. By the end of the letter, Andrew got down on knee to ask if Emily would spend the rest of her life with him. Of course, she said yes!

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At the moment, Andrew and Emily are in the exciting process of wedding planning, and we wish nothing but the best for this couple!

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