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Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Law of Attraction: Sabrina & Dana's Engagement

Sabrina and Dana were first introduced in an outing with a large group of mutual friends during their second year at Marquette University Law School. Dana was immediately hooked by Sabrina's beauty and charm, so much so that he didn't want the night to end before knowing exactly when he would be able to see her again.

Completely by "chance," Dana surprised Sabrina the following morning by stopping by the table where she was studying in the library.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

"I was floored by how thoughtful, well-spoken, handsome and sweet he was," Sabrina beamed. "Within weeks, we were inseparable. In fact, we decided to travel to Europe together for Spring Break only six weeks after we met! We've been adventuring together ever since."

Law school can be a hectic time with everyone around you striving toward the same goal. Their relationship withstood the pressures of law school and they graduated together, both receiving amazing job offers in different cities.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Dana knew he had to be wherever Sabrina was. Without hesitation, he dropped everything – leaving a job offer, friends, and his former home – and followed Sabrina to Minneapolis.

Dana looked to Brian Gavin Diamonds to find an immaculate engagement ring to symbolize his love for and devotion to Sabrina. He chose the stunning Valentine Micro Pave 1 engagement ring, complete with an 18K white gold finish. With the ring picked out, he began to plan an elaborate proposal to win Sabrina's heart permanently.

BGD Valentine Micro Pave Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold - Brian Gavin Diamonds

"The day that he proposed seemed to me like any other day, in that we both went off to work and then planned to meet up at one of our favorite Minneapolis restaurants for drinks and an appetizer," Sabrina described. "Little did I know that he was nervously carrying around my Brian Gavin diamond around in his pocket all day!"

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sabrina's story had us swooning, so we'll let you hear it in her own words:

That evening, we had a wonderful date and Dana managed to convince me to walk out on the historic Stone Arch Bridge in sub-zero degree temperatures to look at a very-rarely frozen waterfall over the Mississippi River.

As we walked out on the bridge, Dana suggested that he might have an early Valentine's gift for me if I was interested. We turned around to make our way back to the warmth of the car because the cold air was making it harder to concentrate. I took a few steps before I realized that he hadn't continued with me.

When I turned around, he was down on one knee and asked that I spend the rest of my life with him. Amid my complete and utter shock, I managed to say yes and forget how cold it was outside as we embraced. Tears of happiness trickled down my cheek and it was only when Dana realized the teardrops were starting to freeze that we hurried to celebrate indoors!

Sabrina's Brian Gavin Diamonds Valentine Micro Pave Engagement Ring

Just like she did with Dana, Sabrina experienced a rush of feelings and love at first sight. "The ring Dana chose for me is brilliant, beautiful and unique! I couldn't take my eyes off it," she exclaimed.

"We had never spoken about wedding plans, much less ring styles, so I truly felt that my future husband was the one for me based on his selection of the perfect ring. I wouldn't have been able to identify a more perfect ring if I tried. The style is so classic and stunning," she admitted.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sabrina and Dana tied the knot with a glamorous, traditional ceremony in Salt Lake City, Utah. The day was bright and colorful amid the backdrop of the majestic Utah mountains, and the lucky couple was surrounded by their closest friends and family.

To see other gorgeous engagement ring styles like Sabrina's stunning diamond, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

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