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April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
April is Diamond Month - Up To 15%-33% Off Lab Diamonds
From Lab Partners to Life Partners: Angelina & Stephen

From Lab Partners to Life Partners: Angelina & Stephen

Love may not be an element on the periodic table, but that didn't stop Stephen and Angelina from sparking a chemical bound in their college chemistry class. With abstruse conversations of atomic mass and charged electrons the lab partners found time to make a deeper connection, but who would have guessed they'd be life partners? As the same suggests, sometimes you find real 'chemistry' in science class.

After starting a relationship, Stephen knew Angelina would be the woman he'd get on one knee for with a glittering ring in hand. With Stephen's hectic work schedule and travel, the search for the perfect ring for Angelina was somewhat chaotic.

Thankfully, Stephen landed on our website when searching for the highest quality diamonds with fluorescence. "I tend to overanalyze large purchases, and I was very particular about certain aspects of the ring and diamond, as I'm sure the folks at BGD can attest," Stephen described. "I have a terrible eye for diamonds, so the images and documentation provided by BGD were very helpful in appeasing my analytical side," he continued.

After choosing the perfect Brian Gavin Blue diamond, Stephen wanted to make Angelina's ring truly one-of-a-kind. "They had a stone that perfectly fit my requirements, and together we built a band and setting that perfectly fit the stone. The results were flawless," Stephen attested. He chose our popular Classic Style Half Round engagement ring setting and added a special inscription that would forever mark his love.

Stephen was a fan of the customization and our team's thorough updates. "For those jewelry buyers with very specific or discerning tastes and styles, it quickly becomes very important to work with one company that can do it all," Stephan said.

After five months of planning, Stephen surprised Angelina with an intimate proposal. Angelina had just gotten home from work excited to welcome Stephen home from his long business trip, but little did she know that despite his lack of sleep and hectic travel schedule, he had a special surprise up his sleeve…or in this case in his pocket.

Angelina painted the perfect picture for our team, she said:

I thought Stephen was in his office on a work call because the door was closed. I went to the bedroom to change and when I walked in he was standing in front of me smiling. I have a love for lights and Stephen had written out "Will You Marry Me" in Christmas lights on the wall and had hung white lights from the rest of the walls. One of my favorite foods is chocolate covered strawberries, and he had a box sitting on one of our nightstands. He also had several framed photos of us at various points in our relationship. Stephen had several candles lit (in my favorite scent, which is cinnamon). He had also framed all of the diamond information that he received from Brian Gavin so that he could explain what he had been up to the last few months as well as describe why he had picked out my specific stone.

Angelina was in complete shock! "All I could do was repeat, 'Oh my God" and 'Are you sure?' but managed a screaming 'Yes!' in the midst of it all," she exclaimed.

Angelina's first impression of her engagement ring meant a lot to Stephen—the sparkle left her speechless. Her favorite parts of the ring are the special engravement and the scintillating Brian Gavin Blue stone. "The diamond has fluorescence that is most noticeable in sunlight. It is such an awesome aspect to the ring, and I love that the diamond has kept that natural quality," she said.

Stephen and Angelia wed last fall, and we're honored to have been a part of their special day. We wish these two love birds a lifetime of happiness and chemistry. If you'd like to shop other gorgeous engagement ring styles like Angelina's stunning diamond, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

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