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Up To 20% Off - BG Curated Collection of Natural Diamonds - No Coupon Required
Up To 20% Off - BG Curated Collection of Natural Diamonds - No Coupon Required
Karen’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Karen’s 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Karen longed for a pair of spectacular diamond earrings but nothing glimmered enough to catch her eye—and then there was BGD. After three long years of hunting for the perfect set she had envisioned for her 30th wedding anniversary, Karen came across Brian Gavin Diamonds and was love struck. Her lengthy search final came to a dazzling conclusion.

Karen chose our Four Prong Basket Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold—the minimalist elegance of these classic-style earrings magnetized her in what we can only deem as "love at first sight." When Karen raced to tell her husband about the gorgeous earrings she found, he didn't waste any time to get them on her ears.

"I had been doing research for about three years to educate myself on diamonds and to know what to select," Karen explained. "I tried local jewelry stores and online, but I was never able to find anything that spoke to me until Brian Gavin."

"I was so impressed when I received a call after I chose my pair, letting me know that a better matching diamond from the Black by Brian Gavin series had been found," said Karen. "I couldn't say no to better diamonds!"

She selected a pristine pair from our Black by Brian Gavin line of luxury diamonds. The diamond line has created a true breakthrough in light performance, with the finest stones cut to Brian Gavin's impeccable standards. The Gavin Effect™ cut follows a meticulous and proprietary process to optimize secondary angles, symmetry, and reflective potential. Karen and her husband can attest to the incomparable beauty of these hypnotic stones.

"When my package arrived with my amazing earrings, my husband's name and my name were printed on it. There was even a personal note from Brian himself—it made me cry happy tears," Karen exclaimed.

We were honored to create Karen's stunning stud earrings and are so happy her long journey led her to us. From engagement rings to anniversary earrings and everything in-between, our team loves every part of finding dazzling creations for all occasions.

Have you fallen for Karen's ear candy? Visit our website for other stunning diamond earrings to choose from.

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